High power lights for the Africa Twin (bought 1 pair too many) @ 750 B shipped by EMS

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by hs0zfe, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Ask for a photo, if you like. I recall the price had been 2,000 Baht plus shipping from Europe.
    If 750 B is too high, please make me an offer. I want to get rid of them...

    02 501 5185, Cell: 080 279 1574, Skype: hs0zfe
  2. I am intrested
    please PM me a pic and brand description
  3. I'm sorry - don't know how to post a photo?

    ARCS - www.arcs-automotive.de it says on them. I had ordered those in Germany...
  4. These are the lights that hs0zfe has. He sent me the pics this morning.

  5. Well, Marty from CR Saddlebags called and I e-mailed him photos. He can't use them without the housing.
    At this point, i just want to get rid of them and hope someone can use them. Say 250 B? Shipped by EMS.
    Hoarding stuff makes no sense (my AT was stolen early 2012 at a "guarded" underground car park at my condo. As many other bikers' bikes, what I learned later...

    Will have another go at uploading photos as well.

    [email protected] is my e-mail and I will be glad to send photos that way.

    Apologies for not having checked in sooner,

  6. They are in the mail. Now, how do I delete this thread? That's important to keep the website up to date and keep it from getting cluttered with obsolete posts. Oh, I see the "close this thread" box!

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