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  1. Hi David and others. I will be working in Laos this year and now that my new CBR 150 is in my name have decided to try it out in Laos. Has anyone been up the road (highway 9) recently and will I make it on a CBR road bike ? I plan on crossing at Mukdahan, as I have been told it is easy. Also, when I was working up there last time on the HCM trail I forgot to check if fuel is available. Any comments please are welcome.
  2. You should not have any problems. Route 9 has been rebuilt into a 4 lane highway.

    Never entered Laos at Mukdahan/Savannakeht, only exited.


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  3. peter,
    no problems at the Savanakhet border crossing. You have to go about 2 km up the river from Mukdahan to the customs exit/truck ferry. Go inside and see the unhappy at first man for the exit permission, he warms up quickly. The Mekong is really low right now and the ferry goes far downstream and takes over 25 minutes to go the 1 km across. When you arrive, up the ramp, turn left then the next driveway on the right is entry/customs for the bike and visa. No worries about the bike, they don't care so much. Hwy 9 is DEAD Boring. Better run south to Pakse and hit the mountains unless it's Vietnamese kareoke you wish to see.

    On the other side of this, you ask about hwy 9. If you are refering to the road that goes south 34 km east of Sepon going to Saravan - wow. Don't know but I did only 25 km of this and it was damn difficult on my 250 XL.

    When do you plan to run this???


    Ride Safe
  4. Jimbo, what level of difficulty, road bad, cow on road, cows with guns? Are their holes that eat trucks, holes that you could sublet to 3 lao families an still have room for an Aussie B-B-Q.
    Send some picks....Scott..Some things you gots ta know!
  5. I forgot to mention - I will probable do the south Laos enter at Sanannakhet ferry thing in March. I was up on the old Ho Chi trail last March and the rains came early. If anyone wants to join me on this trip you are more than welcome. (let me know) I plan to visit some old army buddies in Issaan along the way. As David knows, I speak fluent Thai and Lao which is a big help.
  6. Hi Pete,
    Check out my trip through Laos last year with the boys from CM.
    The road you are talking about is as smooth as a babies arse, you could even ride one of those Hardly things on it.
    I had a girlfriend in Muktahan, so I spent a bit of time on both sides of the Mekong,also I was trying to get a job on the Sepong Copper mine as I was involved with the design in Oz.
    go to Link removed and look up Tom Forde in travellers stories. Also there is a lot of photos of that particular area in Link removed
    We got to the Vietnam border but couldn't cross, maybe you will be more successful.
    Hope this is some help

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  7. Thanks for the comments Tom. I too was after a job at the sepon mine but it is a closed shop apparently. I do UXO now - it was my trade in the Oz army. I come from Tweed Heads and it seems you, like me, enjoy the sames things i.e. bikes, wine, surfing (I grew up on the Gold Coast). Must get together for a surf and turf some time ! Cheers. Laos here I come.
  8. Tom's right
    Smooth as a babies arse alright.
    Check out the pix below Digger.



    I reckon that on that CBR150 of yours you'll either need an extra 0 on the cc or you will have the throttle wrapped around 1 1/2 times to enjoy the road properly. What a buzz you'll get though.

    Keep The Power On
  9. Yeh - it looks just fine now. (highway 9 I mean) lucky I only weigh about 60kg these days, so unless I find a little pillion passenger it should be fun. I have even been practising my Vietnamese, as the last time I was at Villabouri there were 24 shops in the market - 22 spoke only Vietnamese, one spoke only Chinese and the last one saved my life - a Lao lady with lots of cold beer ! Maybe see yuh up there. I note the problems at the bridge and I just hope I have no hassles at Mukdahan/Savan. The Digger.

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