Higway 8 Update

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by jimoi, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. jimoi

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    Riders should slow down considerably at the bridges on Hwy 8, most notably the bridge at KM 20.4 and the following bridge(going west to east). The joints of the bridges at road edge are very uneven and the gaps on all bridges are getting pretty nasty. The bridges are all in reasonable condition but 20.5 has a few slots between the wood planks.

    Tire poppers at 80 kmph for sure.

    Note on Mi Thuna Guesthouse on Hwy 8 in Na Hin. Ralph is 110% gone but the place is still running and the food is still pretty damn good - the wait times are also still long. 2 of the 4 rooms are finished and the remaining are alright but no hot water in the shower.
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  3. bill

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    Hi Jimoi
    Ralph is 110% gone ??, you mean gone for good or gone temporarily.
    I stayed there last year and was hoping to call in and see him again next trip
  4. jimoi

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    No more Ralph. Mon and him split some time ago and he's been spotted in Vang Vieng, Udon Thani and CNX. It's odd, I've never had beers with Mon out there and she's pretty fun. I don't know if it was good for Ralph but that's the way it is sometimes.

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