Hill Tribe Kart Racing 8th January.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I have been trying to catch this event for a few Years but as there isn't a lot of Clear information on Where and When plus the Venue is constantly changed I have always missed it! Anyway I have had My staff try and Pin it down so this is the Information I have so Sorry if it is Wrong!
8th of January the Event Starts at 8am but they Told Us No problem to go at 10am to See the Kart Races! The Place is called "Ban Phon". It is shown on the GT-Rider Samoeng Loop Map. Go in from the Hang Dong end of the Loop and it is on the left side. Anyway this is according to the Info I have??? Just Look out for Signs, Hill-tribe People and lots of Pickups I guess???