Hire Bike Insurance


Jun 1, 2008
Hi folks

Just checking through my travel insurance. It covers me for about 9,000 Baht in excess (deductible) recovery in the event of an accident. Forgetting about the personal injury side, I am looking for the situation of dropping the bike or having it stolen and subsequent responsiblity to pay the shop.

There is a condition that I have made a claim on the motor cycles insurer which has been accepted, or would have been accepted except for the application of the excess (ie the claim is less than the deductible)

My interpretation is therefore that some form of insurance should exist in the first place.

Can anyone tell me if the rental folk insure their bikes at all for damage or theft? If they do then it seems that I would be covered for a decent amount for most bikes, even if their insurance deductible is high. If they do not carry any insurance, then the cover I have won't be any help.

Any ideas guys?