Hirewire Fishing Khone Falls - BBC Doc

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    From the extraordinary BBC series Human Planet is a short excerpt of a Laotion fisherman who uses a highwire to get to a vantage point in the Khone Falls to fish when the Mekong during the rainy season.

    They even had Mick O'Shea who passed through GT land some years ago when canoeing down the Mekong, as a cameraman & safety adviser. The short films after each episode are revelation into the work that goes into getting the shot.

    This series is highly recommended with phenomenal HiDef camerawork taking cinema making skills and art into the documentary world, that took 3 years to make.

    You can catch a glimpse of this visual magic in this short promo.

    The series is now available from Amazon.
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    Amazing clip. The falls are an incredible sight, even in the dry season, when I think they are more beautiful.

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