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    - I had left the booking of hotels totally in the hands of my agents - Flamingo Travel in Hanoi. It was a means to get closer to the locals, their lifestyle, psyche & culture than I may otherwise have done had I booked myself.
    - Exchange rate - for simplicity apply 20,000vd to $US1.
    - Cable TV - the package available varies greatly, so programming is very much hit & miss.
    - All hotels provide 24hr security parking for bikes.
    - Language is a (major) problem - few people speak any english!
    - This post should be read in conjunction with the relevant trip report, see:

    PLEI KHAN (Ngoc Hoi)

    Hai Van Hotel. 2000,000vd/night. Cable TV, AC, no b'fast. 272 Tran Phu, Plei Khan. Tel: 0603832736.
    This larger older style hotel is located at the beginning of town as the road enters from Kham Duc; this presents a problem as trucks & buses in particular accelerate out of the town incessantly sounding their horns as they go. Indeed noise in general seems to resonate through the building. I felt the hotel was outdated/in need of an update. For westerners the beds were somewhat hard as preferred by locals. Internet was not available for those without a computer.
    There's a large '4 star' hotel in the centre of town, the BMC Ngoc Hoi Hotel, with internet, buffet breakfast & so on - for $25/night inc b'fast this would seem a better option.

    This is not a big town by any stretch of the imagination & culinary options are limited. There's a cluster of 'local' restaurants in the centre of town where the main road bends around to continue on to Kon Tum & a coffee option on one corner:



    Hoi An Hotel. 300,000vd/n. Cable TV, AC, Internet, no b'fast. 113 Phan Dinh Phung. Tel: 0603862593. [email protected]
    Comment: Great value - modern, clean, newly painted, recently equiped. Check the hotwater pressure before taking a room!


    Though difficult to judge in one day the choice appeared limited.
    Dakblas (168 Nguyen Hue) had some western dishes but it lacked any flair. (The hill-tribe artifacts though are sensational).
    We were happy to eat 'local'.

    Dakbla Restaurant:


    Phuong Dong. 200,000vd/n. Cable TV, AC, Wi-Fi (but no computer), no b'fast. 248 (51/12) Nguyen Tat Thanh. Tel: 05003977188.
    Comment: Great value - modern, clean, conveniently located (near supermarket).

    Although spending 2 nights here we found restaurant options outside Vietnamese cuisine to be limited.
    Quan A-Ty, 16/12 Hung Vuong. Tel: 05003853699 to where we were taken by local friends was an excellent, good value Vietnamese restaurant - its located up a narrow stairwell on the inside left of the building as you arrive.
    Buon Ma Thuot is THE place to buy wonderful coffee!

    Quan A-Ty with our most helpful friends:


    Although we did not stop here, Thu Hien, 2 Nghia Duc, tel 05016260309 @ 130,000vd/n was recommended to us.

    Thanh Sang. 250,000vd/n. Cable TV, AC, no b'fast, Internet. 1068 Phu Rieng Do. Tel: 06513879559.
    Comment: A larger style hotel towards the centre of town. Satisfactory (lacks charm).

    Very definitely a local affair.

    Hoa Binh. 420,000vd/n. Cable TV, AC, b'fast included, Wi-Fi (if you have a computer. No computer provided). 210 Duong 30 Thang 4. Tel: 0663821315.
    Comment: Larger 'communist style' hotel. A little impersonal but satisfactory.
    An internet cafe is extremely difficult to find - we found one in nearby Duong Tran Hung Dao in what, from the outside, looked like a timber mill.

    We were constantly on the move eating mostly as we went, but we did eat at Thanh Thuy next door to the (Hoa Binh) hotel. Excellent Vietnamese food at very reasonable prices.

    Overall its difficult to beat eating along the way. In the following photo we'd just been served 4 action-filled bread rolls. The total bill..........$1.50!

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