Hom Pan Din Coffee Shop Winery Restaurant

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  1. Hom Pan Din has become a regular stopping place when on the 107 / 1089 between Thaton and Mae Chan.
    20 deg 04' 21.0"N
    99 deg 27' 36.3" E.
    Much more than just a coffee shop. It's actually restaurant and winery.
    2016-11-17 11.56.06.
    Delicious natural grape juice and great coffee. I had a bacon spaghetti dish too, that was tasty.
    2016-11-17 12.00.10.
    They were trimming the fruit that morning. Seemed to be lots of huge bunches of small grapes.
    2016-11-17 11.54.17.
    Red grapes and white. They had wines for sale.
    2016-11-17 11.54.29.
    The walk of "faks"
    2016-11-17 11.55.03.
    I like to support the hill tribe ladies and bought a couple of bracelets from the friendly Akha lady across the road.
    2016-11-17 12.14.51.
    She lives in a nearby village and is really waiting for the high season tourists soon to be arriving
    2016-11-17 12.15.21. .
    If you are on that road, check the place out. Perhaps not cheap, but definately quality. They have a good menu and I saw a nice looking imported steak and chips a guest had ordered.
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  2. Not sure about Mountain View. Looked very quiet when I went past, I wonder if it's still open? A few months ago I had an average but expensive Pad ByKrapow Gai. Seemed a nice place though.
  3. Thanks for this. Passed right by it but never noticed. Next time.

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