Honda 100 xl for sale

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  1. Honda 100 XL for sale
    Great clean condition, recent service, complete working order.
    Engine very sound and pulls well.
    Old bike but really good for age.
    Original registration book.
    Ideal for nipping out on around town.
    Reason for sale, buying trials bike for off road.

    Offers near 36,000 BHT

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  2. Wow that is really Cool! My Brother in New Zealand had an XL 125 but it looked Identical to Your Bike, The XL 100 was different looking? Does Yours have a Speedo & a Rev Counter? Is the Exhaust up swept and tucks behind the Rear Shock? They May of had 2 Models here. One of the Best I have seen so Good Luck with the Sale. A Beautiful Classic Bike in Great Condition.
  3. Hi Ian

    yeah its a nice little bike.
    Exhaust up swept and like you say tucks behind the rear shock.
    No rev counter though, just speedo.
    Good cheap bike for some one to run about on, very clean nick.
  4. AHA ! Now this would REALLY suit the misses and she wouldn't need a step ladder to get on and off of it ! So to my questions. Firstly I presume with the date of the ad the bike is still for sale. Can you tell me where the bike is located please. I note you mention you have the original registration book. Does this mean the bike has a valid number plate and is road legal ? ( My wife won't let me buy another bike that is not road legal -- too much hassle with the local customs and excise boys ). Hope to hear from you soon. Mick.
    Just saw your location -- too busy looking at the bike. Chiang Mai is a good 12 hour drive for me so I'd need to be sure about everything before we set off.
  5. Hi Finnomick

    Yeah a long drive, but bike is good and fully working no faults. Recent service with our local (good!) bike guy in the village.
    Yes has the original registration book, ( Orange colour book ) and bike is plated, so just go to your local registration office, then you get the road tax.
    We have not used much, only nipping out around the village.
    Bike in Maejo north of Chiang Mai behind Maejo Uni a couple of Km in village called Papia. So just off main road 1001 Maejo road.
    My mob no. 09047471019 or email [email protected]

    Cheers Harry

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