Honda 2005 XR 400 Motard.

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  1. Our Friend John has His 2005 Honda XR 400 Motard for Sale.
    This Bike is in Beautiful Condition and Has the Genuine Factory Honda Mugen Racing Kit from new which includes the Carburetor and Exhaust System! This Bike is fast! Genuine 8232 Kms. All the Invoice Papers are included but No Plate.
    Asking Price is 130.000 Baht. You can Call John direct on 0846081233. Bike is in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.
    Some Photos:




  2. Does it have a plate? If so I might be interested
  3. It has No Plate but has all the Correct Import Papers I am told! I am also Told a Grey Book will cost 30.000 Baht or a Real one 50.000 Baht approximately!
  4. This Bike is still for Sale and the Price has now Dropped to 120.000 Baht! The Bike is at the X-Centre at the Moment if You want to take a look or just call John Direct on 0846081233.
  5. Hi Ian,

    This bike looks great but without green book it may be a little bit hard to sell.

    Wonder how much would cost a registration on this bike, did you asked already ?

  6. For a Grey Re-Cycled book around 35.000 Baht, I know many People who have done this and No Problems for general use but it can be a bit tricky when You try to sell it again! For a real one anywhere between 50 to 80.000 Baht I am Told but I have no first hand experience actually doing it? You would have to ask somewhere like Piston Shop or at one of the Shops that do that kind of thing?
  7. Assuming you can get a road legal DRZ for 200 - 240k (depending on the year and the general state of the bike) without the hassle of making papers it may be a good idea to get it registered before the sale and apply the registration price on top of what you are asking.
  8. Interseted in this bike bungy. But just a bit qurious, didn't you go through the whole legal rego thing with your chinese imports, so you should have a good idea about the costs
    of legal rego. Just wondering what it cost and the process as you have done it for a few bikes.
  9. No I gave up on the Legal thing with the Chinese Bikes as after 3 Months of getting No Where I had to use them! By the way this is Not My Bike! I am just posting on behalf of a Friend so call Him direct on the Listed Number if You would like to know more about it?
  10. This Bike is sitting here Still for Sale so someone Should come and Grab it Now, get a Plate on it and Use it for the Up Coming Riding Season which is only a short time away!!! This Bike is taking up My Space and You will have to Contact Me direct now as John has already gone back to Norway!.
  11. I looked at the bike last month white colour with good sensible mods to her, only 8200 k's and you can tell its been looked after, in my opinion its a ripper and the asking price 120,000 Baht - I wanted a versitile town bike but have decided I would prefer a cruiser, the bikes a ripper with grey plate would be a cheap bike.

    Cheers Ken F
  12. What the cost of getting a legit plate/green book for this bike?
  13. Sorry re read some of the earlier posts.
    50,000 to 80,000 to register.......
  14. 35.000 Baht for a Grey plate I believe?
  15. This Bike has been Sold!

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