Honda's 2012 'global standard' 125cc scooter engine

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  1. TOKYO, Japan, September 26, 2011 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced its development of an engine with enhanced durability, quietness, and fuel economy. The engine is developed for next-generation 125cc scooters; fuel economy is approximately 25% better than that of conventional engines for scooters with the same displacement.

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    They show a whole list of improvements, personally I was most impressed by the offset cylinder that reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder.

    Lots of detail pics here:

    So if you're planning to buy a PCX maybe you should wait for the '12 model...

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  2. Have recently swapped a 4.5 year old 125 F.I. Honda Wave for the new model 110 F.I. Was concerned it would have less power - but not so. Pulls better up hills & runs very well indeed. Did some fuel consumption figures - best so far 203 mpg just knocking about & worst was 134 mpg running flat out to Fang & back. Overall average is 153 mpg & its done 3,400 kms so far. Good enough for me - if they can improve on that - well done to them. Apologies to those who speak in "new money" I'm old school & mpg means more to me than kpl.. New one also has a slightly wider rear tyre with a better tread pattern so offers better grip. Obviously totally different to my Bonneville T100 but a lot of fun can be had on a small scooter!

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  3. I have a 2009 Airblade 110cc and its fuel consumption is not as good as my old wave 125cc whick got average 100mpg the airblade only manages 80mpg my wife wants to change it for a PCX
  4. Good enough for me Colin! Thanks for the conversion figures. It will run on E20 according to Honda. Not available in our immediate vicinity, but if ever I'm in ChiangRai on the little beast I'll fill it up with the stuff & see how it performs. I do like the PCX but not suitable for towing a trailer full of piglets or carrying pig food about. I'm told the PCX does about 120 mpg.
  5. Scooters take more gas than the half-automatics but therefore are a bit quicker since the automatic always puts the torque where it's needed.

    Read somewhere that the 125 FI Wave makes 9 hp, the PCX125 only 7, but the PCX is quicker.

    Gas mileage is not really an issue with these small scoots but if they sell a million of these things it makes a difference.

    I wonder if this offset cylinder idea catches on and carries over to other models...
  6. My 125 Wave & Phil "feel the noise" PCX were about same/same on most hills but the 125 had a higher top speed. The new 110 is about the same on top speed but will leave the PCX standing on most hills.
  7. "According to Hondas website the PCX has the more powerful motor" - that may well be, that's why it's quicker.

    I got a one year old 125 FI Wave and the PCX pulls away right from the start.

    I guess that the Wave has a peaky power curve with a max of 9hp but less at lower revs and less torque.

    If the PCX has a better low- and midrange with a max of 7hp but more torque I believe it's the more powerful engine. And uses more gas.
  8. Now I know why...

  9. "Final fuel figures" - for the technocrats. Last 536 kms the wee beast has averaged 58.91 kpl or 166.3 mpg.. Over a total of 3425 kms its averaged 54.75 kpl or 154.6 mpg.. Good enough for the varied running its been doing. Carrying myself & Fon & sometimes a bag of pig food as well to the farm, towing a trailer of small piglets, flat out to Fang or ChiangRai, pulling all the way to DoiMaeSalong & back. It's had a good testing & I'm very happy with it. The 125 FI Wave was good, this 110FI Wave is better. Honda think they can improve on this & I'm sure they will, but this will do for me for the next 3 or 4 years. I've had enough of messing about with pen & paper at every fuel fill up. Might bother again in a year or two! I can understand how Capt. Slash & no doubt others have been all over Thailand on these scoots.. Fortunately I have the Bonnie for serious long distance touring (especially with Fon & luggage) but if I was on my own, a long trip on one of these would not faze me at all. The only drawback is the small fuel tank.

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