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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ray23, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. ray23

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    Well spent three days on the 700 and really put it through it's paces, rode in just about all conditions except rain mud. In places at time 5 klms an hour was the best you could hope for, to areas cruising at 130 Learned that instead of shifting gears manually if you just put in sports mode it takes care of everything. Twisty's and hills sports mode is the only way to go. If you want great mileage then just use drive. Also learned I still had three lters of fuel left when the fuel light starts acting up.

    My back held better on this bike then anyone I have had before. The wive and I both believe a little softer seat would be better for long rides

    I was a bit nervous about an automatic, those thoughts are long gone. What they did was put a different body style on the 700 scooter. So the drive train has been proven. I'm extremely happy with the bike. The service from the shop has been top notch thus far.
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Which one did you get Ray? Sounds like the Integra? Good to hear you are happy with it! :)
  4. Ian Bungy

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    Sounds Great Ray! Got a Photo or two to Share with Us?
  5. Gary D

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    When in Loei, Gary from the Icebar has one and I have seen it go very well. He had to put on an aftermarket exhaust so others would hear him as it was so quiet.
    His wife actually bought it for herself but could not get high enough platforms from the market to reach the controls so Gary ended up with it and she an ER^.
  6. TonyBKK

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  7. ray23

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    This is the one I bought 8,000 Klms now and I love it. I really like the new one that sets lower. But, not enough to walk away from a perfect bike. We spent a week on it doing We Love the Kong in Chaing Rai. Lots of climbing and tons of curves so I got a chance to really put it through it's paces. Used it in automatic semi automatic and the sports mode. Once you stop reaching for the clutch an easy ride. We finally got to try the raft crossing it was fun.

    This years model sits lower and the seat is a lot more comfortable. I've never had it past 145 so no idea what the top speed is. I have to watch myself this is the most responsive bike I have ever owned. Did some real dodgy passing on the last trip we were on. It is quick before I knew it I was going up the tail pipe of the bike ahead of me.

    So time to adjust a bit want the shiny side up.
  8. monsterman

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    All of the NC 700 range wether the integra Scooter or the bike dmodels are suprisingly capable and really rather interesting practical bikes , the half a jazz car engine is low revving but torque is real world as is performance , fuel consumption is very economical ,the bikes layout is unusual in that fuel tank is low down under the seat but that gives a good storage are where the tank would be on a normal bike , handling and comfort is adequate and it has HONDA quality and finish ..manual or auto take your pick they are all good machines ,, even me a rabid raw meat eating Ducatisti likes them ....I rode one in the UK and was suprised that i liked it .
  9. Ian Bungy

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    The New Model of these has been increased to 750cc I am told so Honda Thailand are offering Considerable Discount on all the 700 Range! 100.000 + Baht off!!!
  10. DavidFL

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    Indeed the 750 is coming & Pop has ordered some. Loads of good bikes at Pop nowadays.
  11. monsterman

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    Is POP the best rental shop in CMX

    I fancy riding around up there and hanging out with the GT riders but not the long haul on my ducati up from Prattaya , maybe jumping the plane and renting some intersting machines ER6 or Nc700 would be a fresh buzz
  12. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Pop is certainly the flavour of the month & seems to be doing all the right things of late.
    Some very good reports coming out.
  13. bikerdoc

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    Interesting review, and many thanks for sharing the intel.

    I've been interested in the Integra, as I like maxi scooters (own 3, 2 here in China and one back home in NZ), and while I luv the Burgman's I own, I happen to also luv adventure bikes, and have a Super Tenere (XT1200Z)... yes lots of bikes. Now if only one manufacturer would combine these two design concepts, I'd be a happy chappy. Wishful thinking I know. I rode a CB500X for 7 weeks this past Jan-Feb in Northern Thailand based out of CR. Happen to see the NC700X at a show in CR, but the price differential between the CB500X and NC700X, well...

    I'm liking the Integra because of the bigger wheels which would give a better than average ride on the road less traveled. If only they were imported into mainland China, not even the Thai made versys is here (yet), despite the ER-6N and ER-6F availability here. Actually the CB500X isn't available legally here, though the CTX700, CBR500R and CB500F are.

    Anyway, interesting insight into the NC700X.


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