Honda 750 Africatwin for sale

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  1. Sell Honda 750 Africatwin 2001model 18500kms Color Blue/white/red
    Registered + new spare parts(sprockets,sparks plugs,air filter)
    Bought Oct 2003 in Red Baron
    Extras include:
    Tank cover and tank bag
    Touratech headlight protect
    Givi tall wind shield
    Hands protect Acerbis
    Excellent condition and runs perfectly.
    Bahts 285,000
    09-1103533 BKK
  2. Keep me in mind .Will be back end of June /begin of August .If still available I might want to get together with you.PM me
  3. Sorry you lost me .You bought in "Red Baron"--what/where is that--should I know ?
  4. Red Baron is one of the larger motorcylce dealers/importers in BKK. Usually pretty reputable. I bought and registered my TDM through them, legally registered, with no problems.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  5. OK Mobaan,I send you a PM.
  6. Price down
  7. I sold my bike last week.

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