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  1. 1990? model



    29,000 genuine kms

    1 Owner

    Legit Chiang Rai Rego

    Original RD04 engine & frame numbers!


    Price: 180,000 baht.

    Khun Chad
    Chad Guesthouse
    Mae Sai
    Mobile: 0819615608
    Ghouse: 053723054
  2. Hi David,

    Is your African Twin the same year/model ? Which technical problems you faced with your bike ?
  3. This bike should be the first 750 model Africa Twin.

    My bike is a 94/95 model. Now with 230,000 kms on the clock.
    Africa Twins are extremely reliable.

    The "only" problems are with
    1. the fuel pump failing &
    2. the regulator;
    3. & most riders end up replacing the rear shock with a rebuildable one.

    My bike is set up with full YSS suspension (front & back) & it handles brilliantly loaded up; & the faster you go the better it handles.

    Regulators last approx 2 years, & if you don’t pick up on them being faulty you could end up replacing batteries / CDIs / fuses / light bulbs... I know from good experience in Laos 4 yrs ago when I tried to ride it out but it fried most things electrical between Oudom Xai & Luang Namtha.

    The fuel pump can be replaced with a 350 baht Mitsubishi car one, so no great problem.
    My bike is fitted with a "fail proof" aircraft fuel pump that cost about 1,000 baht from the USA.

    The important thing about the one for sale is the rego with the original Africa Twin engine & frame nos!
    The bike should be completely reliable with so few kms on the clock & I reckon it is a collector’s item in that original pristine condition!
  4. That's really interesting David, it's probably where my electrical problems are coming from. Do you know where I could find a new regulator and at what price?

    Regarding the YSS shock absorber, I emailed them to give me a quote for an RD07 AT but as always in Thailand they didnt answered my mail.
    Do you know a better way to contact them and how much would it roughly cost?
    Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi

    I think Red Baron have cheap regulators for sale,

  6. For Africa Twin bike parts "we are all" using the S E Asia AT guru
    Chan Kok Pyng at M -Technik in Singapore

    51 Ubi Ave 1, #05-08
    Ubi Industrial Park

    Singapore 408933

    Tel : +65 6844-8973
Fax : +65 6234-2773

    email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    See ... t3180.html
    for photos of Chan & his shop

    Honda AT regulators are notorious for packing up every few years. This usually results in overcharging (sometimes undercharging) of the battery.
    The Snail in Chiang Mai is the best AT mechanic in the country.

    For YSS, not surprised about the lack of a reply from Thailand, unfortunately.
    Next best bet is to try either Walter in Australia
    Or Harri in Holland
    Both Walter & Harri are in Thailand every 6-8 weeks & should be able to help set you up.
    YSS also claim Red Baron in Bkk is their agent / dealer, so you could also give them a try. E3LO might have some info / experience on this.
  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the quick replies. I will go have a look at red baron next week.

    I'm surprised with all the problems I have with my AT especially because it's supposed to be one of the most reliable bike on the market.
    So far I changed the front wheel and spokes, contacter, air filter...
    The next things I have to do is find a way to fix the shock absorber who is way to soft and keeps me bouncing for 30 secs at every bump on the road.
    The chain broke when I went for my visa run last time, I repaired it but would probably be safer to replace it for a new one.
    Probably need to find a new regulator as I'm having problems with fuses quite often.

    In brief, at the moment I really dont trust that bike to go touring in Laos and Cambodia as I planned. I am also not on an unlimited budget so I'm a little pissed off with all that sh#t.
    Hope everything will be fine after I replace all these parts and that no more problems will appear.

    By the way, how do you guys oder the parts from Singapore?
    Credit card and postal delivery?
  8. The asking price is reduced.
    Open to sensible offers.

    Khun Chad
    Chad Guesthouse
    Mae Sai
    Mobile: 0819615608
    Ghouse: 053723054
  9. My experience tells me to buy brand new rectifier/regulator. Second hand rectifiers might have also reach the end of their life span...we are taking a risk of replacing our faulty one with another faulty one! And we don't want that while in the midst of nowhere!

    Happened to me! :shock:

    joko-carries-brand-new spare!
  10. YES - NO...
    YES - NO...
    YES - NO...


    I'm very, VERY, VERY tempted since the ad has been posted...


    Mmmmmh: decision, decision...

  11. JOKO


  12. please contact me
  13. Martins
    You will have to ring Chad direct.
    Mobile: +66819615608, but make it a civilised Thai time call now. :)
  14. SOLD>>>>>>>

    To a very happy new owner

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  15. The price !!! :D :D :D :D :D

    Its 19 years old.....could buy 4 for the price of a new BMW....if I had the money...I's still buy the BMW !!!

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