Honda Baja and Suzuki Djebel for Sale in Lao/Cam


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May 24, 2006
We have to Bikes for Sale (Pictures later). Both are 250cc and run good. Both have legal (no Lucky Lucky Fakes) Cambodian Plates which got them into Laos and will get the out.

Obviously these bikes are great if you are in Laos and fancy riding down to Cambodia (great Trip!). But we've never been stopped in over 2000km in Lao alone so they should make good bikes for traveling Lao as well.

1. Honda Baja Kickstart Model (no E-Start), no idea about the year but good condition: 1000,- USD

2. Suzuki Djebel, 1997 model, E-Start, good condition, some scatches and stuff but never been dropped: 1200,- USD

I will post Pics asap. Please E-Mail me at [email protected] if you are interessted.

At the moment we are in Vang Vieng, we will probably be in Vientienne tomorrow and after that we are riding down to Phnom Penh again (with or without the Bikes).