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  1. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    Anyone know where I can get hold of a used set up????

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  3. harrythefinn

    harrythefinn Ol'Timer

    Red baron, in the second hand parts at the back. i bought one there last year. Beware they are old and the reflectors are not so good. otherwise Phanom Phen when they have them available.
  4. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    cheerz Harry
  5. rich1968

    rich1968 Ol'Timer

    I have A Baja twin light set up for sale for sale in Pattaya ...taken of a Honda Baja 2004 and also a full performance Sprint exhaust system by Rough and Road for the XR 250. The exhaust was only taken off due to traffic police in Pattaya taking a dislike to modifications... E-mail [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] for pics ( having problems with my email acc.. the enquries about the exhaust sys are coming in as blank messages

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