Honda Baja vs Suzuki Djebel

Apr 10, 2006
On my recent visit to Chiang Mai I rented a Honda 250 Baja, I found it a fairly solid bike but was not particularly impressed by it, on my return to Pattaya I hired out a Suzuki 250 Djebel and found it to be a far superior bike in all aspects - better low down torque, better mid and top range power and better handling on and off road aswell as being a better looking bike.

Obviously there are other things to consider such as reliability but as I was only renting short term I would not know anything about this.

Anyone else have experience of these 2 bikes ? I'm thinking of maybe buying something along the lines of these 2 bikes so would appreciate anything other members may have to add.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Interesting comparison.
My guess is that more than likely the newer least abused bike would give a better ride / impression.
If you get a good new one, you'd be more satisfied /impressed whatever it is - Suzuki / Honda /Yamaha.
As a rough guide I'd say that the Honda is better for parts and service.
Appearance / better looking bike, is only personal taste - like women, who are the best looking / most beautiful?
How as your trip up north anyway - where did you go?

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Apr 10, 2006
I enjoyed my trip up to Chiang Mai (my first) very much, I arrived with my GF about 11am and after booking into our hotel and going for a meal with a friend of my GF we went to hire a bike from Goodwill M/c hire, I settled on a Honda Baja and we set off about 3pm to do the Samoeng loop.

Well after reading what a great ride it is I have to say I was not disappointed, it really is breathtakingly beautiful and a amazing ride through all those tight turns. On the way back the weather suddenly turned and it got very cool and then we went through a real downpour for about 20 mins, then as soon as it appeared the rain had gone and we was back into a sunny hot dry environment again.

Somewhere on the Samoeng loop:

The next day we rode up to the top of Doi Suthep and on the way back down visited a Hmong village which left me about 2000bht poorer after being shown around by 2 very pleasant young girls and trying on Hmong clothing and having our pics taken.

On the 3rd day We did Doi Inthanon. Although the Samoeng loop is a better ride in terms of sights I preferred the ride up/down Doi Inthanon as the turns are not quite so tight and there are longer straight stretches in between to open the throttle up through. while checking out the Twin temples near the summit I heard the unmistakable roar of a bunch of Harleys coming up the slopes and after visiting the summit I left to return back down the mountain hoping to encounter the gang of about 10 Harleys. It was about 5pm when we started back down and I was frozen in the cool wind in my vest and shorts, near the bottom of the mountain I caught up with the back-markers of the 'gang-chopperrrrr' as I had christened them using the Thai practice of putting words in different order to us English speakers, I took out the first 2 Harleys very easily and was looking forward to taking on the rest when to my dismay I see them stopped beside the road waiting for those bringing up the rear to catch up. I turned left onto the highway back to Chiang Mai and stopped at the garage a few hundred yards along the way for a toilet break and just as i was about to re-mount the 'gang-chopperrrr' blasted by so I set off in hot pursuit.

On the twisty mountain road the Baja had the advantage of being more nimble but now on the open road it was at a big disadvantage up against machines with up to 5 times its engine capacity but I gradually made ground on them and started picking them off 1 by 1 and then took out the 4 or 5 front runners in 1 swift move.

They were probably just having a fast cruise and not out for a race but it was kinda fun for me and I love the sound of a Harley so enjoyed the whole experience. After going off some way into the distance I slowed down to give the Bajas engine a bit of a rest and 1 of the Harleys caught up with me, we stopped at some traffic lights and as we pulled away I gave the Baja everything in the hope of enticing the guy riding the Harley into opening it up so I could see it really roar, well he did and it was great to see and hear the big beast as it left me for dust, I think it was a fairly new model Harley with the new big engine and surprised me how quick it was - next time I'll have to try the same but mounted on a XR650 [:D]

On the way up Doi Inthanon:

The next day I returned to Pattaya and kinda wished I'd booked for more than 3 days in Chiang Mai as there is so much more I'd like to see but it gives me a great excuse for coming back. I found it a great place to go out sightseeing in the daytime but was kinda bored at night time after the excesses of Pattaya/Bangkok.


Jun 9, 2005
I have don now 10000 km on my djebel and had no problems . the big fueltank off the djebel is verry nice . I kan do 300km with it . about the qualetie off the bike its what David says the newer one is probebly the best