Honda Baja XR 250 For Sale

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  1. I have JUDDADREDD 's Honda Baja XR 250 For Sale

    Most of you have probably read about his accident, (98 read so far).
    He has broken his leg in a number of places and has now decided to sell the bike.

    This is the one with the 2 large car size headlights.(the bike that is)
    Digital clock and speedo
    19,000 kms
    97 model
    It has Cambodian Plates, (duty paid).
    New sproket and disc pads

    Offers around 50,000 Baht


    The bike is currently in Phuket

    any other questions fire away.

  2. Hi David

    many thanks for adding the foto, I am up there in december, perhaps if I shout someone some beers, they can show me how to do it.


  3. only 19,000 kms or less than 2,000 km/year, do you think this is the actual mileage? cheers
  4. Bike now SOLD



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