Honda Big Wing Grand Opening, Bangkok Thailand

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  1. Nicely done! Better late than never! [h=4]Attached Thumbnails[/h]
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  2. It's a definite sign of age but I'm actually starting to think these Goldwing Land Yachts are pretty cool! 6 cylinders, air suspension and 1800cc! Wow!

    A bit big and pricey for Thailand but back in the US they're really cheap second hand and I can't think of a better bike for a coast to coast ride across America.
  3. Thanks for sharing.
    Wow, you liking something that doesn't go around corners must definitely be an age thing.......:happy3:
  4. Maybe approaching midlife "changes" Tony?:) ...but those Goldwings sure are impressive looking 2-wheeled "Yachts". I always liked their look even when i was a teenager and saw them now and then it became always the center of talk . For thailand they may be a bit too much( yeah in price too). i wonder how a trip to Umphang would look like on one of these :)
  5. All very Nice, I also think the Gold Wing is a Great Bike and many would be surprised just how fast You can go on them! Now what about the CRF250L, When & How Much? And don't tell Us No One asked and No one Told!!!
    On another Note I spoke to the Head of another Brand of Bikes Yesterday who was there and He had spoken to the Head of Honda Thailand who claims there will be a New Range of Bikes coming which will be produced specifically for the Asian Market and Get this, Including a CRF500L !!! I Myself found this Hard to believe but never say never in Thailand, anything is Possible! The Next couple of Years the entire scene will change Dramatically once the Asian Free Trade Agreement comes into affect, That's why all the Manufacturers are opening assembly Lines in the different Countries to take advantage of that and the Massive emerging Market that goes with it. Cheaper Bikes all around.
  6. Captain Slash, Yeah wouldn't it be Great to get a Big Thumper Dirt Bike at a Normal Price instead of Ridiculous Sports Bike Price for a Dirt Bike? I personally think it won't happen given the Pace at which Honda is launching the CRF250!!!
  7. Sure, it could happen, some day ;)

    Meanwhile I keep hoping that Kawasaki will throw FI on their KLR650 and sell it in Thailand- (It's been manufactured here for years).

    The KLR650 has a loyal following on adventure riding forums and always gets great reviews. Unfortunately for us in Thailand it's still carb'd and can't pass the crazy-strict Thai emissions standards, but SOME DAY Kawasaki will make this bike fuel injected. When is anyone's guess...
  8. I would be in the Cue for the KLR650 as well Tony! Another option given today's trends would have been to Re-Power the KLR with a Versys Engine? Now that should make a Decent Bike for the Adventure minded!!!

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