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  1. Are they selling Goldwings?
  2. All Big Wing shops will sell the Goldwing, but you may have to order. Maybe someone local to Udon can tell you if there is one still in stock, there was at the opening
  3. Thanks, John. Happy to hear about ordering because I don't want all that plastic they put on them. Just give me a cruiser with a windscreen (no faring), running lights, passenger seat, footboards for rider and passenger, sissy bar and a luggage rack. Not into all that other stuff.
  4. Well You Couldn't be Further Off Target then if You asking about a Goldwing!!! And No You can't Order a Goldwing without any of the Goldwing Parts??? Sorry couldn't resist a Dig!

  5. And why would providing information to me be a dig? :confused:

    Thanks for the information. If that's the case, then I won't be purchasing one.
  6. In the UK - Honda sold the Valkarie (possible wrong spelling) this to all intents & purposes was a 'naked' GoldWing
  7. Yep. Familiar with the Valkyrie, thanks. :thumbup: Spelling doesn't matter, my friend. Appreciate your input.
  8. David, I guess that would stand to reason that the Big Wing shops will be able to do work on the Valkyrie.

    Don't worry. I'm going to go over there and ask to be sure, but it seems like a logical conclusion. However, this IS Thailand, and logic doesn't always win.
  9. So after visiting the KTM shop in Udon I went to the Honda Big Wing dealer (along the west-side of the ring road). I had been there before but them it was not open yet officially. It did look already good and now it looks even better. They have in the showroom the Goldwing .... what a beautiful bike! My wife would love it if I bought one .... until she would she the price of wooping 1.6mb. They have the new CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R both in the showroom and for very short test-ride. But they also have all the other Honda Big Bikes that are officially for sale in Thailand. And the the most bikes can be sold from stock!

    So I had an test-ride on the CB500F .... and what a lovely machine that is! If I would be buying a bike now without a doubt it would be the CB500F. It handles good, feels it as enough power for the highway (at least for me). It would be nice if the riding position would be a little bit straighter. The staff said it would be very easy (and not expensive) to put the handle-bar of the CB500X on the CB500F. But I think that would be too much. Also for my short legs it would be nice to have the bike a few cm lower.

    A huge exhaust pipe on the bike, must be an substantial part of the weight of the bike! Too bad the sell the F and the R with Dunlops and the X with Pirelli's.

    Nice bike, nice shop, friendly staff with knowledge about the products. The shop has an big coffee-shop and makes an good starting point location for trips.

    Chang Noi
  10. A late reply, but...




    They even have the silly Thai scar preventer.

  11. There is a new cut down Bagger goldwing just released in USA and EU ,,minimal screen and plastic
  12. There are a couple of 2013 F6B Goldwings at Red Baron for 1,240,000 baht beach- you give up a factory warranty, but that's a substantial savings.
  13. Didn't realise that was what an F6B was, they looked pretty good in Red Baron. But at 1.24MB I may consider giving it a miss.
  14. On the second photo down in Marmites shots what is that under the left hand bar, clipped on and with a cable?

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