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    strolled into honda big wing, pattaya yesterday, the official opening is at 3:30 pm sunday 3 march (today). they have all the new cb 500's on display as well as the nc 700.
    the cb's look interesting and there is one set up with all the fruit, including upside down forks , full panniers and various other tasty bits, the price is right for the stock bikes but the fully kitted out 500 was a bit scary.
    the 700's look interesting as well , however i cannot get my head around the "no clutch idea", has anybody had a go at these things ?
    they had the usual cbrr100's, a goldwing, a vfr, and a xr250(imported?)
    looks like a nice shop and it is good to be able to get all touchy feely , and even sit on, these bikes, before buying one.


    p.s. does anybody want a nice xjr 1300, with book and plates ?
    i want a new cb500 naked model.
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    I'd love to try that out - no more pulling the clutch, selecting a gear with the foot and giving it the right amount of throttle, just flick that switch - cool! Like in a F1 race car.

    Any pictures available of the displayed bikes? I haven't seen a CB500 yet.

    What about the CB500X and the CRF250M, when are they coming?

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