Honda Big Womg Ride to Chiag Mai Fund raiser for local school

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  1. Ray Fisher Actually better curves ahead drug the kick stand five times on tight curves. Problem is the battery power doesn't last long enough. Plenty of room left on the card. I don't see anyway to wore it into the bike system without making a hole in the water tight cover. I have five v batteries for ti. Getting people to stop so you can change them. The only thing I can think of is to just change them at each gas stop. Then charge them at night. You really don't know when some worth seeing will come up. Sorry about he length having problems with my computer and it is next to impossible to do a decent edit. Tech is supposed to be this afternoon.

  2. Eddie and Gordon solving the worlds problems. The Thai's wanted me to ride in the Van, because the road was difficult. I don't think so if they can do it so can I. Really beautiful from view from here, It was getting late afternoon some of the guys went on up the mountain to a coffee shop. Some of us headed the hotel. I don't like riding at night. Especially on roads I don't know. So it was the Hotel for us.

    Haa San Gaeo Wat 1
  3. Honda Big Wing Ride 1st day 2196 to 2235

    The Hotel is not really in a village you make a right onto 2235 and it is in the left about a Klm away from 2196. We rode through a lot of road construction on the first day. We met u with riders from all over Thailand on the first day. actually broke into three groups on the day we went to Chiang Mai

  4. Leaving the school we had more dirt road coming in then going out. The music i Forty Miles of Va Road by Duane Eddie. Just seemed to fit


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