Honda bonus 125 cc for sale (500$) in pakse or 4000 islands – laos

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  1. Honda Bonus (with a Vietnamese plate) bought in Saigon and brought us all the way up to Hanoi and down to Southern Laos. Perfect bike to carry two people or by yourself, also if you are planning to climb up the mountains in Northern Laos or Northern Vietnam. Additionally, the Vietnamese plate allows you to easily enter any country and to go back to Vietnam which only allows Vietnamese bikes through its borders.
    The bike has been serviced regularly throughout the trip and deeply screened in Vientiane by the best big motorbike mechanic in town, Mr Ku.
    The bike comes with:
    Customized and comfortable saddle for long distance travels.
    Luggage rack
    4 elastic bands for luggage
    Raingear for two people
    For an additional 50$ you can get:
    One Western standard helmet
    Essential spare parts: valves, roller, cables
    We will roughly be in Pakse/ 4000 islands between the 10th and the 15th of March.
    Please contact us on:
    [email protected]
    +85 62028600974
    +31 6 228 34563
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Mandy and Ale
  2. Hello,

    How old is the bike?

    I googled the bike and saw several different kinds.

    Thanks in in advance.


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