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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by penetrator, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. penetrator

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    Anyone have any experience of owning or just riding 1 of these ?

    I'm looking to buy a bike on my next trip which I'll keep down in Pattaya and much as I'd like a nice enduro bike I think I should get something more suitable for trips along the highway with passenger firstly and maybe get something for blasting down dirt tracks later.

    From looking through the classifieds I've seen a few Honda Bros 400's for sale and they look like a sensible bike for around town and longer journeys, they also have a v twin engine which will hopefully make a nice noise, even if I have to change the muffler or change the packing [:D]

    If a Honda Bros 650 came along I'd take a look, other bikes I've considered are Yamaha SRV250 - possibly underpowered or SRX400/600. I'd prefer a V twin but a single would be my 2nd choice, not really interested in parallel twins or fours.

    I thought I read somewhere on here that there was a hire shop in Chiang Mai that had some Honda Bros, I'll be coming up in November to take the little lady to the flower festival and if possible would hire a Bros out to see if I like - anyone know of any for rent ?
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  3. Klaus

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    The Bros is a nice bike with an ugly name, I've seen more of them here than in the States. Talking about underpowered bikes - my personal experience is that small bikes are interesting for me here since bigger bikes are expensive or difficult to get repaired, or both, especially on the road. Big bikes are a lot of fun, but riding on 125cc to 200cc bikes in TH has been a new experience to me, and to others as well. I had a "Micky Mouse" Chopper, a 200cc Phantom, which was an amazingly versatile and fun bike. Now I'm riding a 150cc CBR with a redline at 12.000 rpm, it's no 600 but it is superlight and goes fast enough for these surroundings. I can get parts anytime anywhere, and the mechanics even know how to fix them. Try getting the carbs synchronized on a twelve year old 650 Bros or getting a new alternator when you're somewhere between Phitsanoluk and Phitsanu-out-of-luck....
    With the local traffic and road conditions I don't need a big bike that can go fast - it only gets me fast into trouble. I like going distance at around 120 to 130 max, I like to cruise between 70 and 100, and those bikes do that very well, being also extremely good on gas, plus I have real paperwork. So before you dismiss a 250 or smaller bike, think about what you really need. Of course, if you have lots of cash, get the bike you like and enjoy it - but if you plan on spending around 60 to 80 grand I would rather get a used Boss 175, or a Phantom 200 than an old Bros.
  4. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    I take your point Klaus, I'm quite fond of small lightweight bikes myself, I used to have the use of a NSR150RR when I was in country and it was a great bike, it's screaming engine used to really get my adrenaline pumping and I'd end up wanting to blow away all the big bikes on the streets of Pattaya. I think I should get something a bit more sedate and laid back so I dont end up killing myself, I've read that the 400 Honda Bros is very reliable, they are used by dispatch riders here in the UK and are said to be quite capable of doing 100'000 miles/160'000km's without too much trouble, I also like the idea of having a V twin - love the noise they make.

    I thought about getting a CBR150 as it seems you get a lot of bike for your money but I'm planning on doing a bit of travelling around with my girl on the back and baggage so dont think something like the little CBR is really suitable. I've hired a phamton before and it was a nice bike but again I dont think it's a bike for cruising the highways.

    I've seen quite a few Bros for sale and they seem to go for around 38 - 50 grand with plate and papers, there is a Farang in Phuket selling 1 for 49'000 that has a special high level twin exhaust on it, but I think I'd prefer to leave the exhaust where it is and just put a nice throaty can on it.
  5. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    You're right, for traveling two up you can forget the CBR, maybe the Phantom would do. Since you seem to know your way around - good luck with finding a good bike; 50K for a 400 with papers sounds like a deal!
    The last 400 Bros I saw was put together with different color plastics and tank, the rims were spray-painted in gold by either Siegfried or Roy, the discs were overheating and some cables were hanging out... it looked quite adventurous, maybe I'm getting old, but that was too much adventure for my taste. I could see the rider pushing it around noontime down some highway... actually he barely made it into town. I told him if it was a horse, I'd shoot it...
    Anyways, keep everybody posted on your biking experience!
    And yes, a V-twin does have a great sound, and I don't mean longstroke choppers, but high-revving twins like Ducatis or the SV650 or a VTR1000 with a good exhaust system!
  6. GTNZ

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    Hello everyone,

    I also have a CBR150R. This bike's an amazing machine. It's a long way from a Honda Wave/Dream. I've been to Laos and Cambodia and done several rides around the north of Thailand on it. I have to admit it's a little underpowered on the hills but still okay for me. I wouldn't want to carry a passenger that's for sure. I think that'd be asking a bit much. However if you're on your own this little machine is great, and certainly fast enough. I must admit I ride quite fast and there's no problem at all sitting on 120kph or more for hours on end. I bought the bike new and have riden it every day and have done 15000 klm so far with no problems.

    If anyone know's where I can get any Yoshimira parts for the CBR150R please let me know. I reckon with a decent exhaust and some minor tweaks this bike would really go. A little more grunt on the hills would great.

    Cheers and good rides.

  7. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Got the pics of the bike in Phuket - looks like a clean bike, and those dual mufflers under the seat are extremely sexy! They're so narrow the owner had to cut the corners off the license plate. 49K seems a good deal for a farang owned bike, do you think you'd find something better?

    GTNZ: I know of a guy who cut the baffle out of his stock muffler and said that it would run a better top speed; I'm not sure if anyone can coax more power out of a high revving, high compressed engine like that - after all, it's only 150cc and not a race engine. Mine goes 140 and that's all I need, with enough passing power from 90 to 130km/h. Then again I weigh 170 pounds, if you're bigger and have luggage, things may be different.
  8. penetrator

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    The twin pipes look nice on that bike in Phuket but they're not really my style, I prefer the cafe racer look, I've seen some bros with a 2 into 1 supertrap muffler in more or less the same position as the original and this is probably what I'd go for.

    Speaking about CBR150's I come accross this website for a racing school in Thailand a couple of days ago and thought it may interest you as they claim to use CBR's that are capable of 175kph, not sure how they achieve this.
  9. GTNZ

    GTNZ Ol'Timer

    Hi Klaus,

    There's a company in Bangkok that make some race parts such as race camshafts,bigger bore carby,higher output ignition system and a less restrictive exhaust. But I reckon fitting those camshafts would make it a real pig to ride around town. The bike is ideal as it is for this job. I've had my bike flat out wide open throttle at about 155kph,slightly downhill mind you. I don't want to go that fast on this bike ever again.There's not an ounce of power left to get you out of any bother. It would be nice to have just a little more power for climbing hills. But being a short stroke donk there's no tourque so you're very limited to what you can do anyway. I think I'm going to keep the bike standard and enjoy the reliability and keep saving for something bigger like a KTM990 or something similar for the bigger rides.


  10. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Guess it's a matter of taste, but that short stubby exhaust and the original rear end look worse than a 250 Nighthawk! Upswept pipes are the way to go to show the whole rear rim. -
    Nice website, but I'm not a racer, I just need a comfortable bike that I can ride for hours, and that I can service anywhere. The Phantom is not for long distance, that's why I ride the CBR. In fact, if Honda would decide to put that engine into an enduro frame with a couple of 17" rims, supermoto style, I'd pay 65K for a new one!
  11. Pikey


    Penetrator, back to your original post, there is a shop in CM that has a couple of Bros 400s for rent. It's Tony's Bikes and is on Ratchamanka Rd which is off Moon Muang near to John's Place. It's about 100 yds down on the left side and run by a fellow Brit called, wait for it.... Tony. Good bloke and his bikes are pretty much up together. My mate visited a few months back and took one for a day without probs.


  12. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that pikey, you know how much he paid for the Bros ?

    BTW, thought this may interest you if you've not already seen it ... hichpage=2
  13. Pikey


    Ha ha! checked out the game and good fun. My mate paid 700THB for the Bros I think.


  14. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    gtnz - I've been saving for a KTM 990 ever since it came out....
  15. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    About the SRX 6,

    Getting back to your original question " Anyone have any experience of owning or just riding 1 of these ?"... I can give some feedback about the Yamaha SRX 6 that I have been riding for 3 years now in Thailand.
    It's a fun bike to ride if you can do without electric start.Only later models (from 1989 onwards)get an electric start... The bike is light and agile.. Perfect for small curvy mountain roads. In Bangkok I manage to get by through traffic jam the same the small local bikes do -in most cases, say 95%.
    Negative points:
    -lack of comfort for the passenger
    -can't accomodate much luggage for long trip. Basically a tank bag and that's it!
    -engine is air cooled... during the hot months of the year my head gasket keep blowing oil. Nothing dramatic but ennoying.
    I wouldn't consider the SRX 4, even though it's easier to find... Lack of power. Not that I like speeding but the ability to accelerate quick is fun and useful.
    Anyway,good luck with your trip
    (if you want to know more about the SRX6 just have a look at my profile on this site you 'll find a link to a special site dedicated to this bike)


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