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  1. CB 400,1993, blue, good condition, titanium exhaust.Price 85 K, including registration and plate.Friend of mine has this bike on sale.Located in Pattanakarn,BKK.
  2. snake ,

    might be interested . would like to see pictures of the bike .

  3. GoGo,

    as u c this was in April, sorry but the bike has been sold.
    However I have a CB 400 myself,1998, white, special anniversary version, in very good condition, sport exhaust, new tires (3 weeks ago)plate and book.Price negociable,have to check what the market price is here.
    At the moment i ride it in CNX until my old 1985 Volvo will be renovated.
  4. Any update on that, Chino? - I may be interested!
  5. Hi Klaus,
    When u r in CNX I can show you the bike.Since the missus is pregnant & I promissed to sell the bike.....well always
    keep the mother satisfied.
    However I won't sell the bike until after December.
    you can call me on 08 5156472
    I will try to put a photo on the this forum
  6. Hey Chinosnake, is this what you were trying to do

  7. I'll be around until April 08 when my contract runs out, and will probably get another one. The bike looks good in the picture, fixing those fork seals shouldn't be too expensive. Anything else it might need?
    Write me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]!
  8. Hi Klaus,
    No fixing needed after the leak of the front shocks, I keep the bike in good condition. Anyway before I sell it you can always check 4 yourself. In CNX I go to Sa Motors, I believe he worked 4 Red baron before.
    In February 2007 I payed 110.000 baht incl. licence plate (which belonged to another bike before, but is totally legal in Thailand), then I spend on windshield, new tires (2 months ago), sport exhaust, Givi luggage bag, stabeliser etc.
    All together the bike is worth about 130.000 bht. in mint condition. I guess 125.000 would be reasonable. I've seen bikes like this, but older (1995, 1996), without plate, book etc. for 110.000 bht.
    Also the fact that there are only 500 of this version made worldwide (about 7 in Thailand) makes this one unique.

    BTW your e-mail adress does not work.....
  9. Hey Tropical,
    How did you do that?!!??#@*&^I tried the HTML tag from Photobucket, obviously the wrong one...xnks!
  10. Chino

    I will send you a seperate email, as cannot tell you here as the system will try and display it

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