honda CB1 400 for sale

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  1. Honda CB1 400, perfect condition, i get it serviced regularly, oil changes and filter every 2000k's new chain, brakes...has papers number plate, tax an insurance recently renued, cal mal at 069107886 or email [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].
    In Chiang mai.....will sell 50,000 or best offer!
  2. litle note to any one thinking of bying mals cb1, met him at the Kafe and took his bike out for a spin,no major problems with bike and think this would be a good bye for someone!nice would defently soot someone a bit short in the leg front,i found it a bit cramped. plus it seems a good deal with a plate, considering the recent clamp down by the plod. marcus

    marcus ackerman
  3. Thanks for that Marcus,
    good luck on your travels..

    see you!
  4. why don't people in Thailand put in their ads. little details like
    MILEAGE @ YEAR of the bike?
  5. The reason I didn't put in the mileage is because there's no possible way of knowing, when i was buying the bike i looked into this first....i began checking all the bikes Cb1's and super four's for mileage, all the bikes are imported from Japan, most of the clocks are changed, so if someone tells you the bike has 10,000 and the bike is ten years old there probably lying.

    When i bought the bike i said to the guy there was alot of mileage on it he told me he just change the clock because the last one broke...he said if you want 5,000 on the clock i'll do it if you want 20,000 on the clock i'll do it on...the same story in all the other bike shops, so after that i stoped worrying about what mileage was on the clock because it was irrelivet..

    About the year Cb1's were only manufactured for 3 years between 89 and 91 so there're all about the same age, mine is 1990
  6. why dont people in Canada reply or acknowledge when time is spent sending additional detailed information ( about useful local info aswell) and pictures of bikes advertised?

    I agree with Malachy that most bikes that come into the country have had their clock at some point, from being put together in bkk to being sold on time and again fiddled with.
    Except for my bike of course which has a genuine 3kms on the clock since 99' !

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