Honda CBR600RR 2008 Black/White w. Green Book only 285,000 baht

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  1. Black/white, 18000 km, Euro Spec (full 118 BHP) with license plate and legitimate green book. R&G frame sliders, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires. Regularly serviced, never dropped, runs great, a real beast on the twisties. Asking 285,000 baht.
    Phone Chris 0857122452
  2. Thats a beauty, looks super clean.
    The 600 super sports are really hard to find it took me an age to find my ZX6r.
    I dont think this will be around for long, good luck with the sale
  3. Thanks, they are especially hard to find with a license plate and green book, and now it's no longer possible to register imported bikes like before.
    Still for sale, by the way.
  4. Still for sale ?
  5. still for sale?
  6. Yes, and reduced to 280K for what it's worth :)
  7. Price not the issue, Distance and logistics are slightly, it really looks nice I used to have a few of these in UK
    I did have one here a while ago, but it was a dog and just did not handle at low speeds for some reason wanting to dive into corners and get away from me, never did figure it out so sold it straight on.
    Am still sat here pondering what to do with you being so far away. . . .
    Travel to Chiang Mai, Registering it, Getting it back to Pattaya etc,
  8. Just letting you know I have replied a couple of times, but for some reason needs moderator approval which appears to take time, I don't get that ???
  9. I am seeing this a lot lately so I have to ask the question

    People are selling their imported big bikes and say they have a legal green book and rego

    BUT in all the pictures they advertise the "block out" the book info and rego plates (like you have done here)

    Why do this if the bike has a 100% legal green book and plates ?

    I see others just take the picture of the green book and rear plate and post it open and up front

    Not trying to be a smart **** or trouble maker mate...but I would just like to know "why all the secret"


  10. Hi
    I bought my ZX6r from Phuket and re registered it in Roi et
    As long as the book is in the name of the registered keeper and he is there to transfer the ownership, And obviously all the vin plates match it is a simple procedure which took me about 1 hour.
    My bike was an american import from 2006
    Obviously you would not pay for the bike until it has been okayed by the Transport dept
    i hope this helps
    Good luck
  11. Hey mate is the bike still for sell? Looks awesome. It's a bit pricey tho. I actually got a budget of 190k. Do u think I could find a decent cbr600rr 07 and up for that much?

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