Honda CRF 250 2012 for touring w extras jacket hemlet gloves 120,000 bht. tax paid.

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  1. Honda CRF motocross for sale. 2 month old in perfect condition. Set up and ready to travel throughout SEA. all taxes paid. clear title. Done 6,500 kls.
    Tire condition: 75% rear remaining, 85%front remaining. Tank 7.7Liter. 200 range between fill ups. 30 plus kls per liter.

    I (an Australaian guy) purchased this bike new from Honda 2 months ago and traveled throughout Thailand, Laos and Cambodia on it. It is the best thing to do if you plan on traveling for a while in SEA. Buy and then sell at the end of the trip and it was brilliant.

    I had no accidents with it and it ran and runs perfectly. I cared for it in every way and had it serviced at its recommended intervals.

    This is the perfect size and style of bike for all the South East Asia countries you wish to travel in. The CRF motocross is designed for about 70% off road and 30% on road. The suspension is deep and fantastic for both on road and off-road. It handles tarmac, dirt, mud and river crossings flawlessly.
    It is easy to register a bike in Thailand in your name with a 3 month tourist visa and then it is easy with coppies of your registration green book documentation to travel into all the neighboring countries. i had no problems at all.

    I paid 140,000 baht (US$4500.00) New from Honda plus $15,000 (US$500) baht in extras. It has 10 months warranty registration and insurance left on it.
    Will sell for 120,000 baht (US$3,800.00) including the extras. (US$1200 saving on new one and set up cost).

    Custom strong stainless steel rack perfect for large backpack. (I had 100lb of luggage on it then entire time. The rear suspension is set up for that. Or you can soften it easily).
    High quality hand guards
    12 volt socket for GPS or other electronic device
    Modified comfort seat. (two extra layers of sealed cell seat foam, very comfortable for long rides).
    1 XXL jacket,
    1 XL motocross helmet matching Red/White
    1 pair of gloves XXL
    2 spair tubes
    1 can of tire puncture repair glue
    Chain oil.
    Rain jacket tool kit.
    Note that the sizes in Thailand are rated about 2 sizes larger than Western sizes. I am normally a large but in Thailand in am an XXL. I am 5’10” medium build 70kg, if that helps to gauge if the clothing and helmet will fit. In Western sizes The Helmet is about a western M. the jacket a XL and the gloves a L to XL.

    Any question re traveling in SEA or about the bike please email or call me
    I depart Thailand on the 31st so this is a quick sale.
    call Nick 0806-149-737 (outside thailand dial +66-806-149-737)
    email: [email protected]
  2. where is the bike located?
  3. Nonthanburi North suberb of Bangkok
  4. How many KM's have you put on here in those two months, and what is the price just for the bike alone, Thanks
  5. the bike has done 6500 kilometers. with out the jacket helmet and gloves, i will sell it for 115,000. the stainless rack, seat, guards and 12 volt socket stay with the bike. you could always sell the rack and guards easily if you chose. the rack alone cost me 5000 bht. i leave on July 31st so i dont have time to sell things myself separately.
  6. Sounds like you had a good time tripping around. When & If you get time a brief trip report with some tips & a few pix would be nice to look at.
  7. Hi Nickpossum,
    I was interested very much in your post,not that i was willing to buy your CRF because I'll be flying to LOS only mid Nov and
    stay about 4/5 months as usual on a 2X2months tourist visa.
    If you can spare some of your time,I have a few questions:
    Where did you buy your bike? Is it the dealer who made all the papers in your name to get the green book? Did you have to produce a permanent address in LOS through immigration?
    I am a bit tired of renting bikes and I would like to have mine now,especially to go to Laos whenever I want.
    I would buy mine in Chiang Mai where I am "based",and leave it at the end of every stay .
    Thanks for any reply,
    Cheers, Lung.
  8. Guichard,

    I am not Nickpossum but I may be able to answer your questions. In order to register a bike here in Thailand you need to have a certificate or residency. That is issued by thai immigration. This is a new law for 2012. It used to be as easy as going to your embassy and asking for one. In order to get one from Thai immigration you need to have a lease in your name showing a residence here(They actually told me they were going to investigate and see if I was living here although im not sure they ever did). You will also need to have a visa with a min of 90 days left on it. If you have these documents buying and registering a bike here is no problem. It can take several months to get your plates especially if you are asking for a specific number plate. The dealer from which you buy the bike if you go that route will do all the leg work to get your plate and you will pick it up from the dealership. Insurance can also be arranged through the dealer and in my opinion was not overly expensive but i guess thats dependent on what you are used to paying.

    good luck,

  9. This may be true in your area it is not the case everywhere in thailand. In pattaya there is no requirement to have 90 days left on your visa. A simple tourist visa will work. You do need a certificate of residence. This is much better and usually cheaper (400baht i think) to get at immigration then traveling to a embassy in bkk....Just bring any type of rental aggrement . If you landlord doesnt have one just type it and print it.
  10. Are you sure about this? I have been fighting with thai immigration here in Bkk about this since Feb. New rules for this year. Thai immigration is the only place you can get the certificate of residence(no more from the embassy) now and I have been told it needs to be a resident visa. They wont give me one at all. If all it takes is a lease agreement I will come to pattaya and get this taken care of.
  11. It has been this way here as of two months ago. You of course could call and ask? I dont know what a resident visa is as i have never heard that term used. It is very simple here just go to immigration in the am and return in the pm...

    Of course if you are coming from bkk i would advise your lease agreement come from pattaya. I have heard people using letters from their hotel also. Check thai visa as they probably have more up to date info.
  12. Glad my bikes are in the misses name makes life a bit easier for Thailand :p
  13. Ill bet shes happy about it also :silent:
  14. You have to have trust in your woman guys after 6 years i do, besides bikes i like but if i had to sell them or lost them i can live with that just get another one, I have been putting a lot of money in to our house (on the farm) so that Must be in her name! And besides if she did the money train and her yearly trips overseas would grind to a halt and she is rather fond of her lifestyle.
    When the time comes that i make the move to Thailand to live full time then i will see about putting the bikes in my name but for now its much easier to have them and our truck in her name .. faith and trust its the name of the game in a relationship no mater where you live.
  15. This thread is sidetracked. Having trust is good. Having trust and protecting what one may have worked their life for is better....
  16. Yes it is sorry .. Last words though never keep all your eggs in one basket :silent:
  17. Yes, things have changed at the Transportation Department. When I bought my first bike in Phuket I showed my rental contract and made some copies of my PP. After that I bought and sold at least six bikes (125cc) and things were easy. My info was in the computer and nobody asked for a residence statement. All I needed was a copy of my PP including a copy of the current visa. I had a non-ED.
    But when I went to register the CBR150R I bought a couple of weeks ago I was in for a surprise. Suddenly it was: "Residence statement from Immigration and work permit." I was able to get out of the WP request but no way around the official statement of residence with red stamp from Immigration! Lots of running around, had to pay for photos and 300 B at Immigration.
  18. Thanks Mike for all the infos.
    3 years ago,it was no problem to get a certificate of residency from the immigration in Chiang Mai.That was to get the two driving licences,which with a tourist visa is only valid 1 year.
    I want the bike in my name to go to Laos whenever I like.I could easily register to a long time trustee friend.But to go abroad
    I've been told its more difficult to get the proper papers that with the guy where I rent for over 15 years.But he only rents 250 AX and they are aging.
    Anyway I'll try the certificate of residence with my friend,acting as the landlord first.
    If its -no way- I'll rent the old AX always very well prepared which never let me down until now.
    Thanks again,cheers, Lung.
  19. No problem Lung, I hope it helps and good luck. KZ25, do you mind telling me what kind of visa you are currently on. ie how many day etc?
  20. Hmmm, I thought being a tourist classifies one as a person without a residence. But in Pattaya anything is possible.

    "KZ25, do you mind telling me what kind of visa you are currently on. ie how many day etc?"

    Well currently I'm on a non-B again since I'm employed here. Before that I had to improvise and signed up with a language school who arranged a one-year education visa for 25,000 THB.
  21. I am sure people own condos and only come here on tourist visas. Immigration residency certificates are really no problem here.
  22. Is the bike still available?
  23. Hi, I'm a paraplegic from mike accident 21 years ago. Owned few Harley trikes in Oz. I wondered has anyone got any info on registering a Trike in Thailand?

  24. GDay,

    you said in this quote:

    It can take several months to get your plates especially if you are asking for a specific number plate

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN A SPECIFIC NUMBER PLATE. you mean a smaller plate or what. In Australia we have personalised number plates. If that what u mean? Or a specific color?

    cheers, just learning mate :) just learning!
  25. Cap. Slash: Until you piss her off and she sells them ... my mind .... shure the time is coming.

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