honda crf or kawasaki D tracker

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  1. I am hopefully getting my versys delivered this week so i went to the kawasaki dealer in Khon Kaen to see if he can servive it .he has assured me he can and will be selling big bikes himself in December.
    Whilst i was there i enquired about a d.tracker snd the full off road version cant remember the name..i am thinking of getting something with more off road capabilities. So i went in the Honda shop next door and the CRF 250 was 30,000b i missing something here i thought kawasaki wss cheeper because they are made here
    What is the best bike and does anyone have a GPX 250 they are riad legal now i think and only 69,000
    By the way the Honda was 135,000
    Sorry about the spelling big fingers small phone
  2. I can not give you an awnser on the question of which bike to buy for off-road but just a small warning about the Kawa dealer in Khon Kaen.

    At the moment they are not an licensed Kawa Big Bike dealer, but their sister in Udon is.
    Unless they get new mechanics I would not bring my bike there anymore for something else as oil change.
    My personal experience is the mechanic said my chain & sprockets were ok, while they were really worn out.
    It might be because not the owner or the manager of the shop is a real biker.

    I just bring my bike to Udon where their sister has an good mechanic who really checks the all bike.

    Chang Noi

    P.s. Are you the guy that I did meet at Tiki-Tiki and told me he ordered an Versys?
  3. The Honda CRF250L is certainly better value for money than the Kawasaki KLX250. Both are made in Thailand, the KLX is a bit lighter (but no lightweight), a bit tougher and features higher spec suspension, but both are capable dual sport bikes, with the CRF being perhaps a bit more road oriented than the KLX.

    Don't know anyone who owns a Chinese GPX, but last I heard they are no longer being sold? That's the risk with the Chinese brands in Thailand, so many are here today, and gone tomorrow, leaving the owners with cheap broken bikes, no access to parts or service...
  4. I have no experience with Kawa in Khon Kaen, but will second Chang Noi's recommendation for service at the big Kawasaki/Honda/KTM/BMW dealer in Udon Thani- very professional biker-owned operation up there with really switched on mechanics.
  5. Yep agree on Udon Kawa..

    Amazing service.. Very friendly..

    Second to none.

  6. Actually went to the Kwaka in Udon Thani , it was excellent very friendly and professional also going to deliver the Versys to Phon Thong for 1500 the extras i want added .had the baby with me who had a tantrum in there the women just played with her untill we sorted everything actually cost me 2000b to drive there and back in our small car..
    Thanks again guys for the advice..and after seeing the mag grey brown colour ime happy with the colour .its definately not everyones cup of tea but ime made up with it...ile wait till the house is finished the
    n decide on a second bike.....that z800 might be here then it looks the bollox dosnt it
    Happy days
    Mlght just get an old cheep grey import for off road to use locally l
    ooked closely at the kawa and honda 250s the seat does not look like it could accomodate my ageing body for laos etcilme in no rush the versys looks capable if i take it steady and get some off road tires..theres alot of info on gt to help me there
    Once again thanks ladsand ile hopefully see you at one of the bike weeks
  7. No ive never been to tiki tiki i am from liverpool so you would probably not understand my accent anyway ha ha
    Happy travels
    Sorry that was to Changnoi1 not used to the format yet

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