Honda CRF250L for sale -- in ' as new ' condition

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  1. Honda CRF250L for sale. 8 months old. White. ONLY 156kms from new and that's not a typing error, 156kms from new. Honda extras include handlebar guard, metal sump guard, hand guards, metal exhaust trim and rear rack. Original parts included as well as an AP Honda English version owners manual ( A4 photo copied ). Taxed until 25th September 2013. Legal green book and Buriram number plate. My local Honda dealer now wants 153000 baht for a new bike including the extras and registration --OTR price. I want 125000 baht firm for what is all but a new bike. No marks, just fantastic condition. Balance of warranty and free servicing. Will have to e-mail pictures because ' IMG code is on ' so I cannot post attachments ( ? )

    Phone 0861533991 ( English )

    Or 0847667122 ( English and Thai )
  2. Can anyone give me a clue as to how to add pictures please ?
  3. Yes please, any help will be appreciated.
  4. ^ Or dropbox, photobucket, facebook, imgur etc etc and copy---> paste them to GT-Rider. Piece of cake :happy1:
  5. Eight months old and 156 km on the clock?

    You have some explainin' to do, finnomick! :)
  6. Errrr, yes, this is very poor bordering on pathetic really. My wife says that perhaps now I will think twice before I go out and buy a(nother) bike purely on impulse. After 8 years, she really doesn't know very well at all.....
  7. Well fellow GT-Rider readers, I have at last been able to stop laughing and pick myself up off the floor from all the incredulous offers made for the bike. The bike remains for sale but I am going to actually use it -- lest I get chastised again -- so the mileage will not remain at 156kms for long. Thankyou KZ25 for pointing out the error of my ways. Given the mileage I did back home in the UK in the wind and rain it is rediculous not to get out on the bike with all this lovely sunshine and heat we get here every day. :thumbup:
  8. It's always a difficult sale with good-as-new bikes. 125K for a this bike with about 15K worth of extras may technically be a good price; personally I'd pay more for a new one without the extras but therefor I'm the first owner. But that's just me.
    A buyer could sell the extras for half price and have a stock bike for a good price.
  9. Still got the bike so it's now " open to near ( and reasonable ) offers "......
  10. Finnomick,
    sent you a pm
  11. Thanks Linds, have replied
  12. Got it.
    give us a shout if you wanna meet up for a ......
  13. Sent you a pm if it's still for sale.
  14. Still for sale Brian, I've sent you a pm just now.
  15. Down here the price for a new CRF250L went up - from 138K to 141K.
  16. The local Honda dealer in Prakhon Chai quoted me 144,900 which included registration, road tax and ' porabore ' however you spell it. Plus they now have to be ordered as opposed to ' in stock '.......and mine is still for sale
  17. Price reduced to 120,000 or near offer -- thank you.
  18. Final price reduction -- 115,000 baht firm. This is for cash or bank transfer and the bike collected from my house with all relevant paperwork for transfer of registration. At this price, I am not interested in offers.....unless of course, they are in excess of 115,000baht
  19. Do you have a phone?? I am in Roi Et.
  20. My phone number is 0861533991, but please let it ring for a bit because I'm usually around the fishponds so don't often carry it with me. You can also ring the misses, 0847667122 -- her phone is usually not far from her...........and still waiting for the phone to ring ( 26. 08. 2013 ).
  21. Deposit received.....
  22. Did you make it clear that it is a non-refundable deposit?

    Good luck!
  23. :thumbup: Bike sold.....

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