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  1. I am selling my Honda CRM250 mk1 with Green Book Chiang Mai plate Tax paid up to the 12th month this year why? two reasons first I just seem to be braking bones to easy now still trying to get over my broken wrist and tripped the other day and broke a bloody finger! God help me I think if I came off the bike at speed I would be a bag broken bits so I have sort of lost my nerve for trail riding now. Two I am going back overseas to work for some time again and when I come back I am thinking of maybe getting a CBR what size not sure as yet.
    So what I am selling is a 1989 Honda CRm250 mk1 that has been loving transformed into a bike of the 2000,s its had a fresh motor re build less than 10 hours riding close to 40 HP so yes its got grunt. I am looking for 80.000B can bring the bike to Chiang Mai on the 30th of this month and I will be going over again in May not sure of the date.

    There is a lot of spare parts from seals gaskets a complete top end spare and in good nick a spare carb and new carb seal kit unopened, back brakes kit unopened complete clutch housing with water pump spare oil pump spare back sprocket as well as a 13 tooth front sprocket used one ride piston rings the old chian still good but crap to the one on the bike now. a complete back brake setup it fits but was on the bike I got the original brakes on it now the old expansion chamber no dents but the Pro Skill on the bike is 1/8th of the weight but its nice to have a spare, a carry rack that I never put back on, the old kick starter and kick starter internal parts spare, spare clutch plates still good set of jets and other bits and pieces.



    All so my Fox MX boots size US M11 or EU 45 or 9 1/2 OZ'y and Body armor size M with kidney belt built in to it only worn 1 ride go with the bike.








  2. the bike is sold.
  3. Surprised it took that long. That is one sweet ride......

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