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  1. I've just seen a stonking Honda GB 400 TT Special Edition. Imported from Japan, so ( unfortunately ) no book. Surprisingly for a bike owned by a Thai rider, it hasn't been butchered. All the pictures I've seen have the decals on the side covers in stick - on form, this bike has metal badges saying TT GB 400. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thank you.
  2. I have one in Chiang Mai. It was brought in from Japan by my wife as a birthday present for me. What a lady! It was restored and painted to her specification here in Chiang Mai. It has been an absolutely wonderful bike. I would not sell this bike for anywhere close to what you can actually buy these bikes for here. These bikes are getting on in years but even in their stock form they have quite a bit of get up and go. They also have a reputation for being mechanically reliable. I have had my for years and only very minor adjustments have been needed. Even sitting for months when I am away, it only ever takes three or four kicks to get it started.

    I guess it all depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for a second or third bike that will be lovingly cared for and treated like a classic (they are in my eyes) and you don't need something for daily city duty then this might be a perfect bike. If you are looking for something that you need to ride everyday in the city, then this might not be your bike.

    That said, I have never had a problem with police on this bike. I have always been able to just roll through the checkpoints on it. I can't say that for my other bike without a license. I think that Triumph may have more than a little to do with that. Coming at a police check point it would be hard to tell the difference between this and new 600,000 baht Triumph. At least for the uninitiated police officer.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to let me know.
    Would I buy this bike again, knowing what I know now?
    In a heartbeat.
    I have actually thought about getting a second one and seeing if something of a scrabler could not be built out of it.

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  3. Thankyou Lotuseater for your reply, and for the pic -- very informative. So much for my theory of the two bikes on offer not being ' butchered ', as neither has the proper paintwork. One is black and white, the other dark metallic blue and silver. I'm still tempted but will do some more research. I still think the blue and silver bike with the ' GB 400 TT ' metal badges on the side panels is the best to buyand wonder if this is even more of a limited special edition if you get my drift. Just sold a Kawasaki Estrella which both my wife and I loved to ride but it was proving hard to get original parts -- maybe I'll have more luck with the Honda ?
  4. If you are trading an Estrella for this bike mainly because it is slightly more common and easier to get parts for, don't. I have found that it can be a pain to get parts for just like any grey market bike here. My bike spends quite a bit of time in the shop, not because it actually needs to spend quite a bit of time but because when it does need something it can be quite a hassle to get it done. You would be better off looking for something that is available in Thailand if you are looking for ease of service.

    That said, it very rarely needs anything that is not cosmetic. I keep it in pretty top shape cosmetically which is why it spends so much time in the shop. Coming from an Estrella, you will also find that the GB is a very thirsty bike. I have a Versys 650 as well and the 650 driven hard uses just a little more than half the gas that the GB does. I mostly save it for special occasions, if you are putting a lot of KM on, you better plan for the extra cost of gas.

    As for the metal badges, they are a nice thing to have but no guarantee that it is actually a TT edition. As far as I understand it the actual TT edition of this bike is very rare and comes with the full fairing.

    I paid 40,000 for my bike four years ago and have put at least another 15,000 into it to make it look as good as it does (the black and white one in the photo above is mine).
    45,000 seems right on for market price of these bikes. You will find that if you do buy this bike you would not even dream of selling it for that price. If someone offered me 80,000 for this bike I would refuse. It just has too much sentemental and personal value to me.

    You can also get a recycled green book for another 30,000. I would recommend taking the bike for a ride, if you find that you fall in love with it, get it. It would be very hard to distinguish just how 'original' the bike is as they were never really a collector’s item in Japan so they have not really been that well cared for coming out of Japan. They probably get better treatment here than they did in Japan.

    Hope that helps.

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  5. Thanks for the reply Lotuseater, very informative indeed. Your bike is excellent. A question -- is the paint scheme your idea or from an original ? ( sorry if that's a stupid question but I haven't seen any other black and white/cream bikes so far ). If I bought the bike, I'd probably spend more time polishing it in the workshop than riding it, so it would be my bike for a relaxing ride rather than every day transport. I have a friend with a Versys which I have been giving a lot of thought to, or maybe even a D - Tracker because we have a lot of mud around these parts right now. next time I'm over in Korat i'll be visiting the Kawasaki dealer with baht in my pocket. maybe the best way to go is the D - tracker AND the Honda ? Whatever, I am grateful for the information and comments given ( and a tad jealous of your Honda ).
  6. The paint was actually my wife's idea. She started with silver and hated it so she painted it black and cream with gold transitions. Not original, I don't think they made any duo or tri tone bike, they were all solid colours, mostly silver I think.

    The Versys / d-tracker are great bikes for everyday riding and touring but I just can't bring myself to love them the way I love the Honda.

    "I'd probably spend more time polishing it in the workshop than riding it,"

    It sounds like you would make a perfect owner....
    Go for it. ;)
  7. Mick, if looking for a thumper such as the GB400TT you can also try the Yamaha side of bikes as there's no other singles as common as the SR400 or some rare SR500 here in Thailand. If they are not your style then the SRX 400 or 600 is the way to go. I found parts are easily & plenty available here, there's even some shops that have specialised on the SR400. The SRX side is also easy to get stuff. I had one legally plated SRX600 and 2 SRX400 and another 3 'invoice SRX400' (sparepart bikes). That's if you really want such a bike....Good luck for your thumper hunt. Cheers, Franz
  8. Hello Franz and Lotuseater, thank you for your replies. I'm going to have another look at the GB 400 tomorrow hopefully, but will take on your advice and research the Yamaha SRX in a moment. I've had an SR 400 which I actually swopped for the Kawasaki Estrella. It was an absolute pig to start and left me semi - crippled every time I tried to kick it. Nice bike though, just wish they made it with electric start ! The wife's still giving me grief for selling the Kawasaki but she's warming to the idea of the Honda. It's her birthday tomorrow so maybe it'll be me treating her ?
  9. Mick, one advice, wouldn't buy any 'Invoice' bike anymore. For years unplated ones (without the Excise tax slips = no Invoice) have been impounded by the BiB. "Invoice" bikes had to pay a fine of B200.- mainly every time they were stopped by the police but things seem to have changed and now it's a hefty B2,000.- each time you are caught. As the coffers are empty, it's to be expected that this will get worse and my assumption is that the next step also these bikes will be undriveable on the roads. Also expect some day a clampdown on all the Prachinburi plated bikes, cannot imagine that 30% of big-bike riders live down there.......
    Take your time in looking for a bike but get one with plates, I know it's not easy, but time will give you the opportunity one day. Try the,, websites. Cheers, Franz
  10. A very valid point Franz, and one that I will keep in mind. We don't seem to have too much of a problem here in the rice fields of the Northeast, but I can see it coming. Wouldn't you think that someone in the government, elected or otherwise would declare a kind of amnesty where all un-registered bikes could go to a licensing office and get a legitimate green book for a one-off fee, say 10,000 baht. Then close the loop-hole of importing bikes that could no longer be registered. It would generate revenue for the government and stuff the BIB from demanding ' coffee ' fines. It may also motivate the motorcycle industry to lobby the government to reduce tax so bikes could be imported through their network of dealers.....OH, I forgot.....T I T !
  11. Been to see the GB 400 another 3 times now ( it's for sale about 1km from our house ) and noted just about everything that would need attention, only to be told that there is no ' import duty paid ' invoice for the bike, so very reluctantly, I have decided to walk away from it -- well, my wife had to drag me away. Thanks for all your advice Lotuseater and Franz. I'll keep wading through the internet in the hope I'll find something that catches my eye WITH a green book. Not had too much luck so if you know of any more sites I can try I'd be very grateful.
  12. Hello Lotuseater, I'm back on the trail for the GB400TT again. The local bike dealer now has 3 for sale. May I ask where you managed to source your parts for your bike ? Yours is the only bike I've seen that has twin exhausts. I'd need original mirrors, indicators and would need to change the exhaust ( currently has a Supertrapp on ). Maybe you can forward me your e-mail address too. Thanks, Mick.
  13. I've posted a lengthy article today on the General Discussion forum relating to the on-going story ( some may say saga ) of my recently acquired Honda GB400TT. It's worth a read -- and a check on your paperwork if you ride an imported bike.
  14. Hi, Finnomick
    Greeting From Bangkok.
    I have the same interested with you, Honda GB bike is very attractive. Most of them selling here are Invoice bike.To find a real plate or Swap plate (Gray bike) are hardly to find a nice condition one.They already mess up the bike but still sell them with high price, For sure everyone want to be legal on the road so the price is getting higher.Hope to find it one day. Cheer!!

  15. Hi Pichus, keep looking, there are GB's out there, somewhere. My wife's sort-of-cousin still has one, he wants about 40,000 baht for it, but to be honest, it's in a bit of a state. He's had it re-sprayed silver but I could have done a better job with a paint roller ! I don't think the ' Excise Duty ' has been paid either, so that will add another 17,000 baht or so to the price. Most of the original bits are there, and it runs OK but it'll take a lot of polishing to bring it up to scratch.
    To update the status quo on my GB, I've now got it taxed ( yes, an un-registered bike with no green book ) at the local Vehicle Licensing Office. However, instead of the customary 100 baht per annum, it cost me 645 baht. Don't know why but I paid it to be as legal as possible. The only thing I cannot do is get it insured -- until I get a grey-green book that is.
  16. Hi Finnomick, the THB 645.- are actually the compulsory insurance or Por Ror Bor. It's the same amount for every big bike, if you look at the slip you got it will either be in an A4 formate or a small thermopaper printout. Tax you cannot pay as long as you do not have a plate and green book, as yearly tax-payment is shown in your greenbook. Keep a copy with the bike every time you go on a ride, further on copies of Invoice and Excise tax payment so the bike is not impounded once stopped by the BiB.
    Hi Pichus, keep searching at,, or, you might get lucky and find a plated one, might take half a year or more but you need to take the chance. Stay away from Prachinburi rego. Cheers, Franz
  17. You have the tax sticker ?? The one with the large year text on it ??

    Sure you didnt just get compulsory road insurance ?? Thats possible without green book.
  18. Hi Franz and livinLOS, my error. Yes, the slip is the insurance not the road tax but I daren't tell the misses she got it wrong......
    I've got a copy of absolutely everything in a watertight plastic wallet under the seat -- just in case.

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