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  1. I came across a Honda, very old one near Seno in southern Laos. It has the markings of a 115 cc on the head base, dual exhaust in fin shape, two cylinders, square-ish box looking meeting point on where the speedo is and kind of like tuk tuk handlebars. The old man who owns it said he's had it since 1950 but I can't find anything online. I'll try to get a photo of it posted and if you recognise it, let me know.

    Damn thing fired up, he's thining about the money he wants for it.


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  2. wow, close but no. 2 cylinder, not listed here.

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  3. Thar she blows.....


    Well what do you guys reckon - a real classic & looks a bit alright to me. Remarkably similar to my 1st bike & what I learnt to ride on in Oz - a Honda CB175cc Twin - in the early 70s! (And in my first 200 metres ride there was an accidental thrash straight through the rose bush garden in the front yard of the old man's house = ouch!)

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  4. Photo looks like a CD type of honda. The work horse of the Honda range. Gotta love all that pressed metal. Talk about flexi bike!

  5. Think that old guy might be suffering from a touch of alzheimers if he thinks he's had the bike since 1950.

    When I was up in Chiang Mai in May I see a 60's Honda twin for sale at the top of Doi Suthep, it looked to be about 125 - 200cc and was a lot more sporty looking than the 1 pictured above. It was quite an attractive little bike and thinking about it later I wish I'd have taken a closer look and maybe made the guy an offer, it was up for sale at about 12'000 if I remember rightly, think I was put off by the problem of getting it back to Pattaya but I could of posted it back. Will be driving up there in Nov so if in the unlikely case it was still there could put it in the back of the car.
  6. How about this?


    Thats a photo of a 1962 Honda Dream Sport of 305cc first introduced into USA in 1959. So the bike Jimoi has found could be from the late 1950s. I suspect it is a smaller version of this bike.

    If the mufflers are as good as they look in the photo they could be worth more than the whole bike to a restorer. Most of the tinware looks ok too.
  7. Damn Close - aside from the cc, and the two levers for clutch/brake, Exactly it.

    The bike is
    left side front brake lever
    115 cc
    Step thru
    Electric start
    4 gears
    6 volt battery

    Thanks, I'm gonna try again for it.


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  8. No offense but I wouldn't touch that bike with a 10 foot bettlenut branch, even fully restored it isnt a desirable model. Get your self an old vespa and restore that, they're fun, cool , and bring high dollars all over the world

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