Honda Magna V-Four for sale

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  1. i'm selling my Honda Magna V-45 750cc. Enjoyable bike for longer cruising and won't let you down on dirt roads. It is in good condition and i have not had any problems with it. I bought the bike three months ago and had it analyzed and bought a new voltage regulator, new rear tire and new rear suspension (will add also the original chrome suspension). Also bought a new backrest and luggage rack. Oil and oil filter changed recently. The bike is registered and insurance paid until December 2004. There are some scratches, most of them on the rear fender.

    Leaving the country, must sell. Available at the end of March.
    Asking 120 000 Baht.


  2. As I wrote before - leaving the country, must sell, so please make an offer if the price is not right.

  3. Hi, I do not know the condition of this particular bike but I can tell you that the Supermagna is a fine bike (I got one myself). Drives very smooth and has a lot of power.

  4. Plase contact me with further info.
    Can be contacted i Thailand (Bangkok/Singburi) from 26th

  5. Hi margus
    I am interested in the Magna but where can I see it?
  6. Tom

    please send me your phone No or how do I contact you? the e-mails I send you keep returning.

  7. Try Tom at Goodwill Motorcycle Hire / Joes Bike Team in Chiang Mai. Phone 053 251 186.

    Keep the power on

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