Honda Mechanic in Vietnam for Big Bikes??

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  1. Hi, I'm living in south Vietnam not too far from HCMC......I need a good mechanic for my 1991 Honda XL250 Degree

    Anyone know anyone??


  2. I found one in [email protected]
    Longitude 10.8154N
    Latitude 106.7077E
    no take a translator or google your worries and needs.
  3. Ok…..after much effort and a whole lotta luck……I have finally found the #1 motorcycle mechanic in HCMC for any big bike needing repairs.

    dt; 0903 633 026
    HUA is the owner.

    This guy speaks english, has at least 5 mechanics…..I've seen Aprillia's, Royal Enfieilds, BMW, Hondas, Yamaha's, Ducatti's and everything else you could ride being repaired there.
    Hua is a really nice guy…..and will help you with getting parts, full resto's, anything……Hua is my "God" in VN now.

    I will get the address and GPS coordinates next time I'm there.

    Peace and see you in the wind!!

  4. These guys aren't worth the time…..go to Hien Moto and save yourself the time….and money.


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