honda nsr 150 with book - south thailand - sold

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  1. i am selling my honda nsr 150, two stroke, registered in thailand, with book. i have left bangkok as of this morning, 3/11, and am heading down south for koh pha ngan, koh tao, and phuket. i am done with my whirlwind tour of northern thailand, laos, vietnam, and cambodia. bike is in good condition,at 29,000 km, had the head gasket replaced, both wheel bearings, front tire, brake pads, other asst stuff. i've done 11000 km in the last 3 months. buyer will also get all the inside info i haven't posted on this site, and all the necessary paperwork for registering it in your name. i think $900 u.s. is a fair price, saw bikes in much worse condition in bangkok going for more. drop me an email at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] i have photos but can't seem to put them up here. drop me an email if you want me to forward them to you. you'll have to catch up with me down south if you want to buy it.
    NEW PRICE - $750 or best offer
  2. helmet that matches bike included with bike. would also consider including m/c jacket, pants and boots for right price.
  3. Please give more details about the bike? Also pictures would be useful ;)
  4. Is the bike now in Phuket? Anyone interested in going for a ride from Phuket to Nong Khai if I buy it? Seeing as we can't take Thai reg'd bikes to Laos there would need to be a pretty good discount as I will have to leave it in Nong Khai and only ride it to church on sundays....

  5. i'm on koh tao (3/19) for a few more days, than back to koh phangnan to get bike then over to the west coast. should be in phuket 6-8days.

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