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  1. Hi, do you guys ever see NSR 250's running around for sale? I know TYGA performance is a great co. there that deals with the bikes? I'd be interested in one to ride then export back to canada perhaps.
  2. There's a Thai website "" that has a searchable classifieds section and I've seen some NSR 250s in there but not noticed them on the roads here in CNX. NSR 150s are popular though.



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  3. They used to be more popular about 7 years ago. They are around but the two strokes have fallen out of favor. They come up occasionally but not as much as you would like. If you are serious about exporting one back you're best off having matt and paul at Tyga build you a proper one. Not Thailand cheap, but it would be a solid bike you can export with confidence. I've seen Matt build some rippers.

    Cheers all.
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  4. Thanks guys, ya they're amazing bikes, Tyga and others are getting close to 70 hp out of them, truely a bike you can ride to the race track , beat 600's, and ride home.
  5. Fiddy,

    I am sure Tyga would find you one. Did you ask them?

    I got mine from Mr. T Bike on Rama 3 it is an older MC18 now with a Tyga 300 conversion. There are lots in BKK. I went to one place of Rachadapisek that showed be a brochure and asked me what colour I would like. Bought mine because I wanted the "real" pillion seat bonus it was only 65,000 baht. Tyga did offer to build me one with colour of my choice (replica) but maybe now they are too busy.

    Have you posted the same request to NSR-World?

    Max if you are reading this I still expect some beers if I ever return to CM.
  6. Mikerust,

    How are you enjoying your 300 kit and how much was it if you don't mind?
  7. Saw one for sale at the Red Baron a few days ago. No idea if it is still there. Looked like private sale. It was parked back by the barn.
  8. B&T,

    Kit works great, there were some teething problems at first caused by the condition of my "donor" bike, all sorted without any fuss. It goes very well:) I also have Tyga GP style pipes which doesn't add much to the power but does give a different looks and saves weight.

    I believe the kit is $1200 but I may be wrong it maybe 1100 but... Pipes were $575-ish.

    I used to use it every day to commute from Rayong to MTP about 25 kms each way, and for squirts to Pattaya and have been to Loei with TSB guys.
    Cruises OK at 140-ish (8000-ish), tops out at 220???, the needle goes to the dial manufacturers name but the numbers stop at 200.:)
    If you have been around Bira, the front wheel goes very light accelerating up the hill from turn one into the hairpin.:)
  9. Mike,

    Nice to hear good reports on Matts 300 conversion. He's definitely got his stuff together when fabbing up new components.

    i was looking for one to thrash around Bira when i was down there. That downhill/uphill turn 1 is loads of fun. Probably a lot of fun on the 300 round there. Matt get's into 1:10's round the circuit which is blindingly quick.

    If you ever need to unload the NSR let me know.
  10. Mike, thanks for the response, I'll be over there in Feb. and will have a good look around. I'll also buy a bunch of goodies for my Honda Monkey R project. Great price on the mc18, did you fit wider wheels? if memory is correct the stockers were quite narrow. That 300 kit must be a blast? would it dyno around 70 hp? cheers, Dave
  11. Fiddy,

    Lots of stuff here for Hondas. Monkey Project? Most "custom" guys here are switching to the auto 125 step-through so older Cub stuff is getting less plentifull.

    I built a 115cc Wave/Astra in Indonesia. Lots of stuff there as well. Bring lots of dimensional info for "shopping" . Engine stuff Ok, but most Thais simply bolt on shinny bits. Kawasaki Kaze piston with new liner and machining would give 113cc. I did that first. Second version used 54mm piston and conrod (800,000Rp) from JA pan and a big valve head ( 1 million something) both bought in JKT, carburettor (800 baht) and camshaft (1200), aluminium swingarm (1500) , upside down forks (2800 ordered), oil cooler(1500) . exhaust (1500) , fancy ignition coil (300)etc. from here. Easiest shops in BKK are all +/- 100m from Saphan Kuay Skytrain station. I bought my stuff in Rayong south of Pattaya. If gong to Pattaya it is an easy daytrip.
    There are also some shops, obviously, in Pattaya, just ask a motorbike taxi guy but Rayong has more technical stuff, I found.

    Faddy Bike here specialises in Monkey, but charge European prices,

    I think 71-ish for 300 kit. Graph is on TYGA site which you can access as you are "overseas".
  12. Mike, thanks , lots of good info, someone also warned me that some bike shops may also have different farang and locals prices, us getting screwed of course. I'm keeping the stock block for now and have already purchased a Takegawa 88 kit, may become a 108 or 117 with a crank in the future. I'll prob. buy an oil cooler, Header, vent kit, tires , etc..
  13. Here's a shot of what if will eventually look like:

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