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  1. I discovered this NT 400 at a local mechanic's shop. It has been sitting outside for three years, but with a little elbow grease this bike could look quite nice again. It has tabien and the mechanic said he wants 50K for it after doing the following: new battery, new fork seals, new gasket for rear valve cover, vinyl for the seat and a paint job. I checked it out, the tank has some residue fuel gunk in it but no rust. The first registration in TH was in 2537 (1994) and judging by the frame number this is one of the later models.
    Are there any NT400/650 owners out there who can tell me about their bikes? Especially weak points to look for, what needs to be done. I welcome any comments of any back yard mechanic regarding this project!


    Isn't she a beauty??
  2. KZ, I got already downloads for some important information on my NT400Bros, will share it with you, please PM or email me your emailaddress. I will do a complete overhaul on mine after SRX is done so there will be enough information to share by then. Work will be done by myself. Rgds, Franz
  3. Hey Franz, I appreciate any info of any kind . . . I'll later stop by the shop again, see who's name the book is in and if there could be any problems with the title transfer. Will check the brake pads for wear and have a look at the manifolds. Last time I couldn't check the bike out thoroughly because of all the junk around it.
    Please send info to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email], I appreciate it!
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  4. Not much wear on the sprockets; the speedo was of course messed with. But a good bath and some chrome polish will make a difference...

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  5. From what I've seen of Franz's projects so far he is good at them...Iwould not mind paying him a visit some day to get some tips. Kz if I was you I would offer them 30,000 baht these small jobs soon mount up the costs.. new tyres, chain, brake cables and the list goes on.
  6. Klaus, Richard is right, get the prize down, I paid 50kTHB for mine and drove it right away, chain of mine is in mint condition, backsprocket too, front is f..., you'll need to change all oils & filters, and with all I mean also the frontforks, check all bearings & gaskets, in case, SKF have most bearings available in any machinery shop. You'll find your biggest surprises in the electrics............., next is to get yourself a torquewrench and check all main bolts, local mechanics very often tighten non-loaded bolts too much but forget about the real important ones, oooops :oops: .
    Remove also all filth from your petroltank, supply lines and carbs, don't start up the engine in this condition, take out the sparks, fill in some drops of oil and without sparks and ignition give her some kicks to get most parts oiled before you really try to start her.....ohhhh too much to recommend......I'll send you my mobilenumber per email so you can call me later on today, easier............
    Richard, one thing that I'm missing right now is simply enough time, I now hope to finish my SRX by end of November. Then it's the NT400 and then the AX1 and later on..............KTM.........Enfield........ :lol:
    You're always welcome but give me a call before as fex this weekend we drive to Kanchanaburi, why don't you join us...... :p
    Regards, Franz
  7. Franz, I would love to join you but wschool holidays and single-parenthood don't give me much free time at the moment but still waiting to see the photo's of when you finish the SRX. :D
  8. Guess you're right, 50K is okay for a restored bike; I have to invest a lot of time, I've got communication problems, and frankly my last project involving a local thai shop was a major PIA and the owner still owes me 20K... The shop owner probably will do as little as possible to make it run somehow without cleaning tank, hoses or carb and later I've got to take care of all that. The tires are not included, they're okay, he says - they show cracks on the sides an need to be replaced. The rear valve gasket he wants to replace with some kind of cement he uses as cylinder foot gaskets, and a fork seal probably doesn't include fresh oil. Maybe I'll offer him 30K as is and then pay for a decent lacquer paint job and tires myself.
    Then again I once fixed up an old XS650 with only 500 miles on the clock which had been sitting for ten years. It ran fine with only minor work.
  9. update - I searched and found 3 Bros 400 with tabien, running and seemingly in good condition, for 45K and 47K THB. I printed the ads out and went to the local shop to get the price down. But the owner said he'd have to paint it and buy a new battery and change all the fluids aso, and wouldn't budge. I had the impression he felt insulted that I would show him a running bike for less money. He said I don't have to buy it if I don't want to - I agreed and walked off.
    The bike has been sitting for three years, and probably will for another three; but if a Thai doesn't want to, he doesn't want to.
    In retrospect it's better this way, I probably would have bought a can of worms for too much money!

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