Honda PCX 125i

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  1. Heard it's going to be available soon, any news? I wouldn't mind it as a replacement for the Wave

  2. Yes, it's available, at least here in Hua Hin. Saw it this morning at the Honda dealership, in black. It looks big with that front fairing, I'll check later if they have a brochure with technical data like weight, wheelbase aso. Talked to the technician, it's watercooled like the Click.
    I've been looking for some time for a scooter that can seat me and my ten year old daughter plus a couple of day packs comfortably and cruise at 100-110km/h without wringing out the engine - this looks like it, if they squeexed a bit more power out of the engine. There are three scooter sizes now, small, medium, large. The price is large, too: 72,000 THB!!
  3. I had 110 and then 125 waves for years , but the more recent ones had quality issues, i recently bought a Honda Airblade 110 auto and its much superior in terms of suspension ,comfort and quality.
  4. It's a Honda Air blade-i with an extra 15cc, to cope with a large seat and a bit more skirt lol. Open road driving may be a bit more comftable but for weaving through the traffic in Bkk or Pattaya. I would say keep the money in your pocket and get the Click-i or Airblade-i that sell from 46,000 baht up to 55,000 baht. I saw the bike today and it looks good and is available in 2 models one is 65,000 baht the other is 72,000 baht. Maybe Honda have ceased production of tha Airblade due to it's close proximity in price to the Click and this maybe the replacement?
  5. 105 tops won't do! We take the 125 Wave for 500km wekend trips, it's better for storage and seating position / comfort than the VTR250. But going 80-90km/h on the left side of the hiway with oncoming motorcycles, farmers jumping out of a field with a machete, getting around parked Waves with a sidecar and the occasional cow in the way it's kind of risky riding.
    Going 100-110 in the left lane would be safer. Why didn't they make the PCX a bit bigger and stuck the CBR150R engine in there?
    I'll wait. Looks like things are improving, Honda sells the PCX, there's talk about the VTR250 (I've got bets riding on the price - I don't believe they'll sell it for the same price as the Ninja 250, it'll be around 170,000+), Kawasaki brings on the Tracker 125, the 250s are available for a year now. Maybe Suzuki and Yamaha will wake up and do something in the 125 to 250cc class. If nothing happens, some used D-Trackers should be available, or a plated 250cc scooter. But the 250 scooters are too big for city traffic and too expensive.
  6. 72 0000B! :shock:

    (Oh, I just saw 65000, thats better)
  7. The one I saw was black and had a "Prestige" badge on the side, I wonder what's the difference between those two models, besides 7000 THB!
    If it has more power, better traveling speed and better suspension, plus the comfort, it may be worth 65000 THB. But if it's just more plastic, a digital speedo and more legroom I won't go for it.
    But it's a Honda, it will sell!
  8. Saw on this morning in Pattaya. They look nice!
    But, ack! 65-72,000-Bt. Ouch!

    I'll keep on with my 16-year old Honda Dream II, with has been upgraded to 125cc. Nobody wants to steal an older bike and the PCX may be the next hot target!
  9. It's supposed to have Honda's linked braking system and some kind of advanced starter which is compact and doesn't make any noise. If it's solidly built it may be worth 65,000 THB - compared to the 86,000 THB D-Tracker 125 it's a good deal!
  10. My mates Cheesy and Bob have bought one each this week they are very happy ,its much faster than a wave or airblade ,quality is superb ,has linked brakes , I rode Bobs yesterday and its brilliant , bought for 65,000 in Mityon .
  11. Gino bought one today !

    They look great, go well and a step up from Click, Wave and Fino.

    I think Honda has a winner here.

  12. Talking about a winner, I saw two PCX scooters in the parking lot for big bikes at the local Lotus today; when I came out there were three! And that in Hua Hin, where you hardly see three CBR150 or Phantoms next to each other. And they've been only three weeks for sale here.
    Lots of foreigners are looking for a "bigger" ride than a Wave or Nouvo, with room for two people to sit comfortably. That leaves only the Phantom or the Boss, or a bigger bike like the CBR400 or a Steed which you can't get from a dealer. They don't necessarily want a faster bike, a 125 would be enough. The PCX fills the bill and seems to sell like hotcakes. Well done, Honda! Even though it's the first time since Yamaha introduced automatic scooters about seven years ago that they are not copying but taking the lead.
    Now we have to wait until Yamaha, the small scooter king, tries to upstage Honda to take back the crown.
  13. Had mine for about a month now and am very happy with it. The only thing is I do miss having a basket to throw stuff in, on these you have to open the seat everytime but it is very nice for hacking around town on. Powerful enough and very smooth.

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