Honda PCX 150cc

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  1. Hello every one,
    I've reluctantly sold my faithful 250 AX,and I think that now (at my age) I should stay on tarmac.
    For long runs I will rent ER6 or 500X. But for everyday use within 100km of CNX,I was thinking of the new
    150 PCX..
    A good choice?
    Cheers, Lung jacques.
  2. I don't own one but all the people I know who do - swear by them!
    Comparatively cheap to buy, very reliable, go well, service available almost 'anywhere' & spare parts at sensible prices!
  3. Thanks David,
    I have red a good test of the 125 as the 150 is not imported over here.
    Suppose the additional 25cc is a good thing for an additional pax on the pillion.
    They pointed out only 2 weaknesses:shock absorbers and thai tyres on wet.
  4. The tyres on the imported machines are IRC Thais.and many change for Pirelli's.
    And I only spend 4 months every year in LOS, dry season.
    Some test drives mention stiff shock absorbers and brakes tending to fade on long downhills.
    But on the whole,seems to be a brilliant little machine.I'll decide next Nov .
    Thanks for your answer.
  5. Thanks for the tip. Are you happy with the Dunlops,(original fitting in LOS?).
    Sorry for all these questions,but I'm an old biker and it would be my 1st scooter...And its hard for me
    and my budget to make up my mind between a good modern machine and a 2nd hand 250 road bike
    like the CBR or KAW for everyday use.
  6. Thanks for all your answers.
    Now I'll have to learn not to change gears...

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