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  1. I am accessorising my new Phantom 200 and would like to buy screen, crash bars, saddle bags etc.
    Does any body have any for sale ?
    Thanks ,
    Peter in Sisaket.

    "The journey is the destination"

  2. Peter & Group,

    I too have a newer Honda Phantom and would like to know where and for what kind of costs I can add accesories to my bike.. Are the Honda Dealers the only place to find such, and if so, does anyone know some of the prices for the items listed / shown in the Phantom flyer???

  3. Hello Pianoman,
    I have a translation of the latest Phantom brochure including the accessories with most of the prices if you want it. I can email or post it to you or if there are others interested I could Post it on this forum.

    Cheers, Peter

    "The journey is the destination"

  4. Peter,

    That would be fantastic... If you could e-mail it to me, I would be forever in your... well, at least I would owe you a beer or two...

    Being new to this group, I don't know if you can find my address thru the group, so here it is: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    So far I have been enjoying my Phantom even though it is a lot smaller than the bikes that I was use to back in the States, but then again, that was 15 years ago so the Phantom is still big enough...

    Also, I have a friend who is coming over the end of March for 3 weeks, and he wants me to order him a Phantom to have waiting when he arrives... Three weeks of riding together, then he wants to retire and move here in another six months or a year...

    Thanks again, and in advance, for the prices / info...

  5. Windshield
    I have just had the Honda windscreen fitted. That is the little rounded one shown on the brochure. p/no 08R80-KPK-700A
    It is pricey – B3400- but I was concerned on two other points.
    1. Was it to small to be any good.
    2. Would it create extra drag and affect my top speed.

    Well I tested it out over the weekend and am happy to report good results. It was big enough to provide good protection and stop the unpleasant buffeting you get at higher speeds and it improved my top speed. My top speed actually improved from around 126 to over 130 an improvement of about 5 kph. This was a surprise and I can only put it down to the rounded surface offering a cleaner path through the air. The real benefit of course is that it should translate to better fuel consumption and greater stability.

    I also tried out my wet weather gear which proved to be an abject failure. After waiting months for rain it soon found its way through to wet me top and bottom.
    Back to the drawing board!

    "The Journey is the Destination"
  6. Hello all.

    We carry many items for the Honda Phantom TA200. We have-
    Crash bars, two styles
    Rear chrome rack
    Foot boards, rider and passenger
    Handle bar grips with tassels
    Tank covers
    Sissy bar bags
    Different style and angle larger handlebars

    We also carry some of David's products, including GT-Rider maps and GT-Rider shirts. Feel free to stop in for a free coffee and have a look or contact us via our website. We gladly do mail order throughout Thailand.


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