Honda Phantom , wheels slipping in the rain.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a Honda Phantom ta200 (phantom), and have been driving it for a few years now.                                     Love that bike even if it could use a little more power sometimes..

    However.. In the rain i NEVER ride, because ts sliding all over the place and its serious dangerous!

    What kind of wheels are you guys using to avoid this ?

    I have been looking on vaious forums and came up with the following tire choices..

    Currently i have IRC, and they are the worst i ever tried to drive with!

    The highest recommended i could see was Metzeler tires. But was hoping someone from here could verify or something..

    Is it just me thats having these problems.. ?

    I am not driving fast, or crazy or anything.. Just a relaxed kind of guy.. Including while im driving, so really dont think its me..

    Hope you guys have some advise, and if possible a shop you can recommend in Bangkok area to where i can buy the best tires and get the best prices ;-)
  2. I don't know but how old / bald are the tyres - perhaps just time for some new ones?

    There's a tyre thread on GTR here:

    that maybe a help.
  3. Yes, IRC are the worst.

    Im no expert, as I haven't been through enough tyres to tell you, but can you Michelin Pilot road 4's in phantom sizes - If you have a read up, you will find they have a higher silica content, the feel soft and feel the grains in the rubber.
  4. You really need to get the IRC's off of the Phantom if they are older tires.  That model of tire on that bike will slip out from under you even on dry pavement once they age a bit.  They seem to harden and get glassy with a little bit of age.  Most guys I know have gone to a Dunlop and have chosen a wider tire at that.  Contact and ordering and size details for those Dunlop models be found in the following link.  Feel free to copy and paste that info from the linked thread into this GTR thread if you want-,1510.0.html

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