Honda Shadow 750 cc for only 100k

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  1. I`m going to leave Thailand in a month and I want to sell my bike. It`s Honda Shadow 750 Aero `83
    I paid attention to it. Now bike has new
    - oil and cooling liquid
    - sparks
    - rear and front tires
    - gasoline hoses
    - gasoline filter
    Also I changed all the weak wires.
    Now bike is in perfect "shape" and needs only polishing or chrome job.
    Bike is being sold with the green book and taxed, injured till the end of next January.
    images can be found on or I can email it on demand
    Call me on 0853518402 Roman
  2. Are you still here, is the bike still for sale?
  3. Yes and Yes.
    I`m here for a week more, so feel free to call me.

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