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  1. anyone know how gd these bikes are-general faults etc?hired one+seemed been offerd one for sale 18,000.want to try+get round country on it-slowly!any info appreciatd[?][?]
  2. Generally bullet proof but how well has it been cared for , parts available every where.

  3. I'll echo monsterman, Only 18,000 and can be fixed anywhere in LOS.

    They are not as bullet proof as say a Wave but then they are water-cooled so more powerfull. Road test it for a hour if it doesn't overheat and there are no leaks etc. and the price is market rate go for it. (Motherhood stuff)Then take it to a Honda main dealer for a service and change ALL the fluids, put in a fresh air filter, new tires if they look iffy. You might even be able to find a Givi hard luggage box for it.

    Have a great trip

    Upside is that as it is now owned by a farang you might even get a little more for if you decide to sell it after your trip.
  4. Hi,

    My wife has got one she has had for a long time, i rode it with her on the back from Chaweng on Samui to Khao san road in Bangkok in two days, Pruchap KhiriKhan the first night, then Bangkok the second, then put it on the train with my wife to Udon and I went back to the UK. The bike performed superbly.

    This was about 3 years ago and the bike wasn't new then and i still use it now when in Udon for little trips out and about, it also gets used by her brother everyday with no maintenance whatsoever except when I'm there and still never goes wrong.

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