Honda Trans Alp Parts Wanted

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  1. I am in need of the side plastic fairing parts for a Honda Trans Alp 400 cc bike, both sides if possible. They are the bits on the side of the bike covering the radiator.

    Lemme know!
  2. Ebay is good sourse, and in some part way cheaper than getting thing's from locally.
  3. Hi Jimoi

    below is an email I received from the previous owner

    an interesting alternative when you click on to the web site

    good luck in your search/quest

    > The hardest part will be sourcing parts. I couldn't even get jets for
    > it
    > in Sydney. Red Baron have nothing. The guy in Singapore might have a
    > better supply of parts. If I had the time etc I'd be more inclined to
    > get
    > the suspension back up to scratch and turn it more into a Baja style
    > bike. Bolt on some twin Baja headlights and gauges, throw the fairing
    > and
    > make up some panels to extend from the tank out to the radiators. Like
    > this from YOGOI ... 0&page=166.


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