Honda Transalp 400cc

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  1. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    For Sale 400CC Honda Transalp
    - 1995 model
    - Mileage 25700 km
    - Farang owner
    - Other papers ok
    - The bike is in Pattaya

    - Price 75.000 thb

    jim.reindeer @ or by private message


    Edit: New battery, both new ignition box, carburator renovation,
    also 3000 km ago: new coupling, new chain and both
    cogwheel. Bike is in very good condition and reliable.

    Repairs has been made to the bike in January 2010.
    Repairs cost about 10,000 thb.
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  3. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    Ok. Thank you for your interest. I ask as soon as possible and I answer to you. :wink:
  4. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    8) I pay taxes for the same price.
  5. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    Meaning what? The tax is so small an amount, you would eat it as you are getting THB 95,000? Or that it would be equal to THB 95,000, bringing the total cost up to THB 190,000? Apologies for asking, not sure I understand your answer. Chris
  6. DirtBikeMike

    DirtBikeMike Ol'Timer

    You lot are doing this the hard way, the taxes wil be minimal, 2000 baht tops, get on and buy it ! :happy1:
  7. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    I will pay the taxes, and the total cost is that 75000 thb.
  8. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member


    Thank you Francis! :thumbup:
  9. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    Yeah. Taxes were about 1500 thb of two years.

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