Honda VFR 800 VTEC low mileage ex Condition

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    Honda VFR 800 VTEC. 2004 Model in Red.

    16,200 Km. This bike is in excellent condition. I have just travelled 1,400 Km from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai and back and it did not miss a beat. All bodywork excellent and no damage.
    Reason for sale. Just ordered a new FJR 1300A from Charoen Motor in CM. Will hopefully last me through my old age in Thailand.
    Whilst I was in the UK I had 2 spare keys cut, as they are chipped and cannot be copied. I also bought Honda spares. Front and rear Disk brake pads. Oil filter and air filter. Not yet fitted as the bike was serviced by Xtreme Bikes before I bought it at 13.500Km. New Pirelli Diabolo Strada tyres also fitted at the same time. Also Haynes service manual.
    The bike has proper Green book and plate and is registered to me in Khon Kaen.
    The bike is located in Khon Kaen, but I am prepared to travel with it for someone really interested.
    Asking price 315,000 Baht. (For comparison UK list price new £8499)
    I have some great photos, and I am trying to work out how to post them. In the meantime I would be happy to email pics on request
    Or can see following Thai Visa link ... pic=159288
    Having just read the thread on the Africa Twin and the worry about books, real or not, mine went as follows. I bought the bike from Extreme Bikes RCA Bangkok.They were selling on behalf of previous owner. The green book was in the previous owners name, and registered on a BKK plate. The shop had the owner fill in the transfer form, copied my yellow tabien bahn, and passport, and the passport of the previous owner. I went to the Khon Kaen transport office. They checked the paperwork, took the bike in to the workshop where they traced the Honda VIN plate and the engine number and stuck these into the book (Still there). They then issued a new number, a new 12 month tax disk, and gave me a receipt. They kept the old plate. The new plate, for KK and the new registration details in the Green book were available the next day.
    An easy and quick process, so obviously the book is OK with the computers and the engine and frame numbers are OK. ( Definately original on the bike. So no worries about transferring the book again to a new owner in any province.
    I also have a few friends who ride with false plates and no book. Almost all of them would be willing to pay a reasonable sum for a proper book, for the peace of mind in case of accidents etc.

    Finally found a way to post the pics, sorry a bit slow


  2. Is this bike still available.
  3. VFR is the only modern Japanese bike I really love, I have owned 2 both 750 models , they are fantastic , reliable , a superb all rounder .

    Good luck .
  4. Hi Gus,
    Bike still available, my new bike is due in about 3 weeks, so not pushed the sale. Had several people say they would like to buy, but not in a position to do so yet. John
  5. Thanks Monsterman for your kind wishes and comments.

    Are you sure that after 2 of the 750's, you would not like to experience the 800? lol
  6. I tried an 800 Vtec in the UK and did not enjoy it as much as the older ones and I have 2 Ducatis anyway to keep me Busy .

  8. Hi John

    New shipment of new Yamaha's just arrived in Yamaha Showroom in Chiang Mai. 6 Pallets of new bikes, one of them a 1300, perhaps this could be yours..
  9. Hi TJ,
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I was slow replying because actually in Chiang Mai picking up my bike, they had 3 in, 2 already sold.
    Now back in Khon Kaen after a great break in ride with Ian Bungy, to Phayao, and enough km under the belt to stop on way home at Yamaha Khorat and have first service. Khorat also have good range of big Yam's now in stock and very helpful staff. Great bike, will post more info on Ian,s ride report.
    VFR safely sold in Chiang Mai.

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