Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer - Anyone got one?

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  1. I've been weighing up 2 or 3 bikes over the last 6 months with a change from the Versys. I considered the BMW GS1200 but decided it is too fat for my daily commute from Bang Kea to Min Buri. I then opted for the Multistrada but thought it might be a money pit with the riding i've done on my versys. But then I realized Honda recently released the 1200X. So off i went to Honda Big Wing today near CDC for a quick look and hopefully to arrange a test ride, fat chance! Seems Honda don't have a test bike and have no intentions of having one. And even if they did, it seems a quick sprint around Gloria Jeans coffee is all you can hope for! (One bonus of Ducati and Kawasaki)

    Looks wise i like it but was instantly put off by the DCT system. Something just told me it was plain wrong! But after a little research on the net is seems people are swearing by it and would never look back after trying it.

    So, does anyone have one or know anything about it. One concern I have is about the DCT system is using it off road and the inability to slip the clutch. Additionally, the lack of an ABS switch is a concern too as I believe modifying it will play havoc on the DCT system. While I know this isn't a true off road bike, I've climbed a few places on my versys and I need a bike that can give me a little more both on and gentle off road.

    Any thoughts?
  2. My 2 satang ;)
    With a curb weight of 275 kg / 610 lbs I don't expect most would want to take the crosstourer on anything more challenging than well maintained dirt roads. Not only is it far too heavy for off-road use, the other problem is, as an import you may have long wait for parts if/when it gets dropped. That's one nice thing about the locally made Versys- parts are cheap and usually in stock.
  3. That's true. As it happens I'm probably not going to get the time to ride much on tours as it happens as my weekends will be getting busier. But as I've sold my motor, I do need another form of transport for my daily commute and I don't want to pile on the miles on my Versys. I've done 18,000k in the first year of ownership, putting only 3 rides in for fun to Ratchburi and Kanchanaburi.

    I know some will say buy a scooter, but I just can't do it. I was even thinking of buying a new Versys for my commute and keeping the one I have for fun. Seems a little extravagant, but no more than buying the 800+k Honda.

    I might consider the J300 when that comes about but I'm reluctant to buy a another car for my commute.
  4. What's wrong with a Suzuki Vstrom 650 then ?

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  5. Nothing, but I might as well buy another Versys and save 40K.

    I borrowed one for an afternoon and wasn't that impressed to be honest. It's a good bike but just didn't suit me. I felt when cornering the bike wanted to go the opposite way and felt similar to a max-scooter, possibly because it was much smoother than the Versys. The Versys is much more fun i feel. But like I said that is just my opinion. I'd consider the V-Strom 1000 but I think it is overpriced but might give it a whirl. Alternatively, I'm actually rethinking and considering a maxi-scooter as it would literally be for A to B riding. The Honda Integra looks interesting but I just wonder if the Kawasaki J300 is a better buy at half the price?
  6. VFR 1200x is a very good bike ....BUT its expensive , heavy, complex and suffers from high fuel consumption ,
  7. True, and seems to be the consensus. I sold my car the other week and the money is burning my pocket so I'm feeling a little impulsive. I've decided to buy a Forza and spend a bit on the Versys doing it up. Seat is a literal pain in the ass so that is going. Touratech are fitting me up with some panniers, a new exhaust is in order and I'm considering a PCM-V, although I don't know if it is worth it or not.
  8. If you plan to ditch the stock exhaust your Versys (which already runs lean) will benefit noticeably from a properly tuned fuel injection module :thumbup:
  9. The new V-Strom 1000 has been getting great reviews, a fair bit cheaper than the Honda too.

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