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  1. Honda Warranty

    When I shipped my Oct 2004 Phantom TA200 back to Australia in Oct 2006 I still had one year of the Three Year, Thai Warranty left.
    In Australia I went to see the local Honda dealer and they told me only Hondas imported by Authorised Dealers were covered by Warranty and because I had imported the bike myself it was not eligible.
    Their quote for a 20 000 km service was $325.00.
    I didn’t believe this so contacted Honda Australia and they said yes it would have been covered by Honda Warranty but only for two years which is the Warranty applicable to all new Honda’s sold in Australia. As my bike was now over two years old it was no longer covered. Same result – different facts.
    I baulked at the price so took it to a local German guy named Ekke Schaeffer who has been around for years with his own small shop. He did the service for $120, and also managed to tweak a few more kp/h at the top end.
    His own bike is a beautiful old Triumph 650 (Thunderbird ?).

    PS. I lost my Honda Service record Book so if anyone has a spare one floating around I would be grateful for it – used is OK. Tried to buy one but can’t
  2. Come on...

    Did You really believe that Your 80.000 Baht Honda bike is covered by a Thai guarantee in Australia....

    1. The price of the service has nothing to do with the guarantee. Everybody quote their own price for the service.

    2.Even in Thailand you can not go to a dealer in Nong Khai and claim some guarantee problems for a bike bought in Phuket. It is the same for cars and bikes the guarantee is seller/dealer connected. (maybe it shouldn't be but in practice it is)

    3.Rememeber that the long guarantees offered are connected to services made at the dealer and that is from where he get's his salary... Many guarantees are not "guarantees" they are prolonged customer relation "squeesing" schemes. Do you think that the Australian Honda dealer give a kick back to the Thai dealer? No Way.

    4. Many international companies have started to avoid international guarantees. For eaxample my home countries' Nokia has stopped all international guarantees if possible. If I buy a Nokia in Finland I get a Three years guarantee but only valid in Europe ,not in Thailand. If I buy the same telephone here I get one year guarantee but not valid in Europe. (and not valid even here the Nokia care is owned by a Thai football devoted former politican now businessman's wife who lives in Singapore and all problems are faulty use...)

    5. I think it is cost efficient to stop guarantees for all products low priced. The guarantee procedures can easily be much higher than the value of the product, especially if the cost has to be reimbursed over the world.

    6. In Europe the motorcycle manufacturers are obliged according to EG-rules to take care of the guarantee problems despite who is the importer. In practice the "grey importer" takes care of their own matters and gets eventually payments from the Factory. It is in his own interest since he also gets the money for the compulsary services provided at a good price.

    7. At least Honda and Yamaha are handling many problems In Europe in a beautiful way. They inform all customers without looking at who has bought the bike from an official dealer and who has bought it from a paralell importer when some parts must be changed. Good work.

    Sorry Peter if I was rude in the beginning.

  3. And try getting a factory warranty in Thailand for a 6 month old grey import even when there is an official dealer for that brand here! In my case I even rang the factory direct and never bothered with the dealer but the answer would be the same.
    No brand name needs be mentioned but there are only 3 of them!
  4. Hiko

    I bought my Honda Jazz new in Bangkok, and have had warranty work done in Phuket, which is where I live, and in Chiang Mai they replaced the power steering and didn't charge a cent. Also kept supplying biscuits and popcorn whilst waiting for about 4 hours.

    Wonder if I would have had same service with a new Honda motorbike
  5. HI JOHN.

    My friend bought a new Toyota here in Pattaya. No way they would have done a gurantee job in Non Khai. That is way I wrote as I wrote. Now I regret that I used second hand info on this site. Better to keep up to personal experience.

  6. No offence taken Hiko – it’s only information, take it or leave it.
    But yes I did expect to get Warranty Service, and would have, if it had been inside the Australian warranty period.
    Honda has not skimped on quality even though this is only a B85 000 bike, why would they not honour written Warranties ?
    In Australia we have very strong consumer protection laws(too strong in some cases) and a manufacturer like Honda would not risk public exposure by failing to honour a legal Warranty.
    I am enjoying reading your informative posts and hope to meet up with you and others on the Malaysian trip in October if I can make it.

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