Honda will start making big bikes the end of this year

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  1. In today's Bangkok Post:

    'Some 800 big bikes a day will be built after the lines for engine production line have been moved.

    Suchart Arunsaengroj, the sales director at AP Honda, the country's biggest motorcycle distributor, said Honda plans to make big bikes with engine sizes exceeding 400cc in Thailand by year-end'

    Article here:
  2. "2,521 imported big bikes with engine sizes above 400cc were sold in Thailand in the first half"

    "overall motorcycle sales volume hit a record 1.09 million units in the first half"

    That is a very low amount of big bikes sold, compared to overall sales, even though 250s are excluded. No wonder that the producers are not very interested in offering more, or specific, models.
  3. Nearly half those sales are Ducatis most of the rest must be Kawasaki ER6/Versys models only about 30 triumphs , price and model focus to the market are the way forward Ducati and Kwak have it about right , triumph hoplessly wrong it will be interesting to see what Honda do, which big bikes they will make here ??? , they have it right with the 250 class , yamaha have made a good choice with attempt at competetive pricing of FZ6/8 models ,
    expect bigger things from KTM too , vis a vis pricing and Asean production of larger models
  4. Hell, I Expected and Still Expect a Lot Bigger things from KTM??? Like Real Plates & Books and a Realistic Pricing would be a Nice Start? They make almost every other Bike look Cheap!!!
  5. There's already a CBR500 Thai forum set up. :D

    Jap mags are talking of a new 400.

    I think everyone will be surprised if there isn't a Thai produced 400-600 runaround by Easter next year.

    What was Brian from Sumet saying, something like 3 larger Thai produced bike to be announced around new year.
  6. Interesting how quick things can happen when you don't expect it...
  7. There's very few things where SE Asia presents a unified growth market. The countries are often too different to make an impact everywhere.

    Motorcycles is one of them though. Ducati moved here - even if it's mostly assembly, Honda and Kawa are already making bikes and moving up, Kawa will introduce the Z800 made in Thailand shortly, and Honda is supposedly preparing a 650 inline 4.

    What surprises me is that not more manufacturers are jumping on the big scooter bandwagon. So far only Honda makes them here, I'd expect Yamaha to follow suit as they're selling really well in Europe. SE Asia is getting richer, people are buying bigger scooters and also big bikes.

    Anyway after doing nothing for a really long time, Honda is now in full attack mode, introducing new models seemingly every few weeks...
  8. Not exactly big, but it looks like Honda will be replacing the CBR250 with a newly designed CBR300. Thai built. New design, still a single cylinder.
  9. I've also read that the CBR250 will be a 300 in 2014. Guess they'll bore it out to 270 or 280cc and call it a 300.

    Looks like the 250cc class is getting replaced by the 300cc class - Ninja 300, Forza 300, now the CBR300.

    If Suzuki or Yamaha get into the game they won't be producing 250s...
  10. Wow, nice little arms race going on between Kwacka and Big Red!
  11. Haha, you could well be right. :D
  12. 2131017a.jpg2131017b.jpg

    The frame, engine, forks, swing arms, rotors, actually everything but the faring and the muffler look identical to the CBR250.

    I suspect that the bump in CC will be done with the minimum of new parts.

    Pity about the colour schemes, they look much better in all black.


  13. Well I was wrong - they didn't bore it, they stroked it, to 286cc.

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